CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Galileo (PIA 00221-00498)


Galileo Optical Experiment (GOPEX)




Ganymede - Mixture of Terrains and Large Impact Crater in Uruk Sulcus Region




Nine Galileo Views in Natural Color of Main-Belt Asteroid Ida




Features of Jupiter's Great Red Spot




Venus - Lower-level Clouds As Seen By NIMS




Moon As Seen By NIMS




Ganymede - Galileo Mosaic Overlayed on Voyager Data in Uruk Sulcus Region




Europa's Broken Ice




Nine Galileo Views in Exaggerated Color of Main-Belt Asteroid Ida




Five Color Views of Io




Venus - Lower-level Nightside Clouds As Seen By NIMS




Earth - Departing Image by Galileo




Io - Full Disk Centered on Media Regio




Three Views of Io




Ida and Gaspra




The Earth & Moon




Galileo Regio Mosaic - Galileo over Voyager Data




Venus - Multiple Views of High-level Clouds




Optical Navigation Image of Ganymede




Eruption on Io




Asteroid Ida and its Satellite Dactyl in Enhanced Color




Uruk Sulcus Mosaic - Galileo over Voyager Data




Moon - Western Near Side




Io Glowing in the Dark




Europa's Active Surface




Moon - North Polar Mosaic, Color




Io in front of Jupiter




Far Side of the Moon




Europa In Color




Dark Bands on Europa








Changing volcanoes on Io




Global View of Earth in the Near-Infrared




Ganymede - Ridges, Grooves, Craters and Smooth Areas of Uruk Sulcus Region




Jupiter's Great Red Spot




Ice-frosted crater tops on Ganymede




Australia Viewed by NIMS




Ganymede - Comparison of Voyager and Galileo Resolution




High Resolution View of Dactyl




Ganymede's Nippur Sulcus




Gaspra - First Image




Ganymede - Dark Terrain in Galileo Regio




Dactyl Dark Side Illuminated by Idashine




Great Red Spot Mosaic - Near-infrared Filter




Stereo View of Ganymede's Galileo Regio




Gaspra Optical Navigation Image




Ganymede - Ancient Impact Craters in Galileo Regio




Early View of Dactyl




False Color Mosaic Great Red Spot