CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Voyager at Saturn

September 1981  

Saturn's outer satellite - Phoebe




Voyager 2 Movie of Saturn's Moon: Phoebe




Saturn's outer satellite, Phoebe




August 1981  

View of Saturn's rings




Saturn's shadow upon the rings




Spokes on side of Saturn's rings




Saturn's ring region




Outer edge of Saturn's A-ring




Saturn's A-ring




Photograph of Saturns' satellite Tethys




Image of Saturn's F-ring




High resolution view of Tethys




A view of Saturn's F-ring




Wide-Angle Image of Saturn's Rings












Saturn - north polar region




Saturn - Tethys from 594,000 kilometers (368,000 miles) away




Saturn's F-ring and inner satellite




Surface of Enceladus




Saturn's moon Tethys




Saturn - Enceladus from a distance of 119,000 kilometers (74,000 miles)




Saturn - large crater on Tethys




Saturn - high-resolution filtered image of Enceladus




Night side of Titan




Outer edge of Saturn's B-ring




Saturn's faint inner D-ring




The Saturnian moon Enceladus




Thin ringlet of Saturn's A-ring




A view of Saturn's B-ring




Saturnian atmospheric storm




Saturn and Four Icy Moons in Natural Color




Saturn and Four Icy Moons, Enhanced Color




Voyager 2 Color Image of Enceladus, Almost Full Disk




Large brown spot in Saturn's atmosphere




Pictures of Tethys' large crater




Saturn's A-Ring




Titan's Cloud Systems




Saturn's B and C-rings




High-resolution view of Saturn's rings




Saturn's ribbonlike cloud structure




Saturn's rings - High resolution




Iapetus Bright and Dark Terrains




Saturn's atmosphere




Saturn's north temperate region




Voyager 2 image of Saturn




Saturn's North Temperate Belt




Photographic mosaic of Saturn




Saturn's northern hemisphere




Photograph of Saturn constructed in false color




Saturn's northern hemisphere




Voyager 2 image of Saturn




Composition Differences within Saturn's Rings




Saturn's northern mid-latitudes




Saturn and its ring system




Voyager 2 image of Saturn




Saturn taken from Voyager 2




Saturn's B-ring




Collage of Saturn's smaller satellites (PIA01954)




July 1981  

Saturn With Rhea and Dione (false color)




Saturn With Rhea and Dione (true color)




Saturn's Atmospheric Changes




November 1980  

Full-disk Color Image of Crescent Saturn with Rings and Ring Shadows




Saturn and its rings








Crescent of Saturn




Dione - Circular impact craters




Saturn's F-Ring




Saturn's satellite 1980S1




Saturn's F ring








Rhea - icy cratered surface




Saturn's F-ring




Saturn's ring system




Mimas - cratered surface




Rhea - multiple impact craters




Mimas - large impact structure




Titan's thick haze layer








Saturn's moon Rhea




Saturn's rings




Mosaic of Saturn's rings




Cratered surface of Tethys




Saturn's moon Mimas




Titan Haze




The Saturnian moon Dione




Saturn's satellite Rhea




Saturn System Montage




Dione Mosaic








Saturn - Ribbon-like Wave Structure in Atmosphere




Saturn's ring system




Saturn's satellite Dione




Saturn's F-Ring




Saturn - Brown Ovals in Northern Hemisphere




Saturn's 15th moon, 1980S28




Saturn's red spot




Two-image mosaic of Saturn's rings




Saturn - False Color of Southern Hemisphere




Northern Hemisphere of Saturn




Titan's Brighter Southern Hemisphere




Saturn's B rings




Saturn With Tethys and Dione




October 1980  

Saturn and its satellites Tethys, Enceladus and Mimas




Saturn Approach - Full Disk