CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Voyager at Jupiter

July 1979  

Io Rotation Movie




Jupiter-shine on Io




Ganymede - surface




Ganymede - close up photos








Io - crescent with plumes












Jupiter's Violent Storms








Jupiter Ring System




Europa Linear Features from 246,000 kilometers




Ganymede's Varied Terrain




Jupiter White Oval




Europa's Evening Terminator




Europa's Fractured Surface




Bright Halo Impact Crater on Ganymede




Ganymede's Northern Hemisphere








Crater Rays on Ganymede




Europa Crescent




Rings of Jupiter




Rings of Jupiter Star Trail




Europa During Voyager 2 Closest Approach




Jupiter's North Equatorial Belt




Callisto False Color




Jupiter's Great Red Spot and South Equatorial Belt




Jupiter's Great Red Spot Region




Europa - Mosaic




Ganymede Mosaic




Jupiter - Region from the Great Red Spot to the South Pole




June 1979  

Jupiter's Equatorial Zone in Exaggerated Color




Disturbed Region West of the Great Red Spot




Jupiter from Voyager 2




Jupiter's Great Red spot




Jupiter - Io In Front of Jupiter's Turbulent Clouds



May 1979  

Voyager 2 Jupiter Eruption Movie




March 1979  

Loki Patera




Global Mercator Mosaic




Io Shown in Lambertian Equal Area Projection and in Approximately Natural Color




Lights In The Night




Concentric Rings Surrounding Valhalla




Volcanic Eruptions on Io




Ganymede At 150,000 Miles




Io At 5 Million Miles




Io - Volcanic Eruption




Io - One of at Least Four Simultaneous Erupting Volcanic Eruptions




Io - Volcano Loki and Loki Patera




Io 2x2 Mosaic




Io Caldera
















Ganymede varied terrain




Callisto basin




Io Pele plume








Jupiter's ring




Io - southern hemisphere




Io - south pole




Ganymede - high resolution




Io - high res limb




Io - high resolution




Volcanic Caldera on Io




Io Surface Deposits and Volcano








Io - Jupiter's inner satellite




Volcanic explosion on Io




Europa from 2,869,252 kilometers




Volcanic Activity on Io




Ganymede Full Disk




Ganymede's Equatorial Region




Cratering and Grooved Terrain on Ganymede




Bright Ray Craters in Ganymede's Northern Hemisphere




Io Surface Deposits and Volcanic Craters




Jupiter Plume




Jupiter - Southeast of Great Red Spot




Jupiter's Great Red Spot and White Ovals




Callisto's Icy Surface




High Winds in the Jovian Mid-latitudes




Jupiter Great Red Spot and White Ovals








This view of Jupiter was taken by Voyager 1




Jupiter's moon Io




South Polar Region of Io




First Evidence of Jupiter Ring




Jupiter System Montage








Io, Showing Volcanic Plains and Mountains




Io, the South Polar Region




Volcanic Plains of Io Near Galai Patera




Eruption of Pele




Io, the Ra Patera, Mazda Catena, and Gibil Patera Area




Callisto Mosaic




Europa - Full Disk




Jupiter Great Red Spot Mosaic




Ganymede at 87,000 miles




Ganymede at 2.6 million miles




Ganymede at 3.4 million miles




Io with Loki Plume on Bright Limb




Io - Full Disk




Exaggerated Color East of the Great Red Spot




Cloud Layers East of the Great Red Spot




Exaggerated Color View of the Great Red Spot




Cloud Layers Southeast of the Great Red Spot




Large Brown Oval




Galilean Satellites



February 1979  

Jupiter with Satellite Io




Jupiter Great Red Spot




Jupiter with Satellites Io and Europa




Cylindrical Projection of Jupiter




Voyager 1 "Blue Movie"




Voyager 1 Jupiter Southern Hemisphere Movie




Voyager 1 Red Spot Movie












Callisto From 7,000,000 kilometers




Callisto From 8,023,000 kilometers




Jupiter and Three Galilean Satellites




January 1979  

Jupiter with Io Crossing




First Close-up Image of Jupiter from Voyager 1




Jupiter Full Disk with Great Red Spot




Voyager picture of Jupiter




December 1978  

Early Voyager 1 Images of Jupiter