CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS

Image Releases - Beyond Jupiter

(Disclaimer: Cassini images released to the public have not been properly calibrated in any way and should not be used for any scientific purpose.)


Imaging Sequence Development:   Emma Birath, Ben Knowles, Nicole Martin, Josh Riley (CICLOPS/SSI);   John Barbara (NASA GISS);   Kevin Beurle, Mike Evans (QMUL, England);   Doug Dawson, Elizabeth Turtle (Univ of Arizona);   Tilmann Denk (Freie Univ, Germany);   Kevin Grazier (JPL);   Paul Helfenstein, Pauline Helfenstein, Jon Proton, Diane Sherman (Cornell);   Thomas Roatsch (DLR, Germany);   Ashwin Vasavada (JPL)
Image Release Design/Layout:   Carolyn Porco


Release Date Product Product # Credit
December 5, 2003Portal View04913Image Preparation: Daren Wilson, Carolyn Porco, Maurizio DiSciullo
Figure Caption: Bob West, Preston Dyches