Everyone loves going to the movies and for good reason. Not only do motion pictures come closer to simulating real life experience than does a stationary image, not only is our response to them deeper and more immediate, but one can easily discern patterns in motion that are not readily apparent in examining the same sequence of still images. A movie's greater information content and deeper emotional value make for a more enjoyable, as well as scientifically fruitful, encounter with the subject matter than otherwise possible.

On the Cassini Imaging team, we have taken advantage of the spacecraft's healthy high gain communications antenna, and the concomitantly robust downlink to Earth, to take, whenever possible, time-lapse sequences of the phenomena at Jupiter and Saturn, and have put the heart- and mind-stirring qualities of movies to singular use in bringing our adventures in the outer solar system to life.

Here you will find brief movie clips of everything we have taken time-lapse sequences of ... from the fascinating fluidized motions in the atmosphere of Jupiter, to the time-variable glowing aurorae of the jovian moon Io, to the precisely choreographed orbital dances of the moons of Saturn.

We have also tried our hand at making `Feature Films': ie, animated compositions of our still images, put to music for the purposes of telling a story. One of these is a `magical mystery tour' through the Saturn system, put to the music of the Beatles. (See the 'Sixty Four Scenes from Saturn' movie for the outcome of this endeavor.)

So, take your seats, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. As you will see, the next stop for us is Paramount Studios!