Sector 6
As the second largest planet in the solar system, regal Saturn rules its orbital corridor and well beyond. Its gravitational influence dominates an annulus around the Sun, extending inwards from Saturn orbit to a fifth of the distance towards Jupiter, and outwards to more than halfway the distance to Uranus. This is Sector 6, the realm of Saturn, 6th planet from the sun.

It is here we have established the virtual home base of the CICLOPS Alliance, an association of explorers interested in involving themselves, with us, in our travels and exploits around Saturn.

From Sector 6, an Alliance member will eventually be able to embark in a variety of directions. In the near future, we foresee games, volunteer opportunities, and other activities designed around Cassini images. At the moment, we offer the opportunity to communicate with fellow Alliance members and comment on the significance of our images, movies and other items available on the CICLOPS site, including Saturn-related artwork contributed by noted astronomical artists.

Don't miss the fun. Visit Sector 6 often, and enjoy the adventure.

(Once registered as an Alliance member you can comment on images and movies by visiting any image or movie page (ie, the pages with image/movie captions) under Imaging Diary; you can comment on artwork by visiting the art room and clicking on "Read/Post Comments". The comment field will be on the bottom of each page.)

Also, once registered, you will be added to the CICLOPS email distribution list, and receive infrequent announcements of special image advisories and press releases of Cassini results.