How to Search the CICLOPS Legacy Website
This utility allows a visitor to search for items on this site that are directly associated with the Cassini media products posted here: images, mosaics, movie clips, graphics, maps, Looking Ahead features, Press Releases, Special Events, as well as all artwork found in our Artroom.

To search through all the other sub-categories under the Home-page menu, such as the Cassini Imaging Team's scientific publications under Science, or the other publicly-released outer Solar System image catalogs under Imaging Diary, or the content under Sector 6, it is best to go directly to the appropriate sub-category and use the in-page Ctrl-F/Command-F find feature.

There are 3 visitor-chosen orderings according to which the results of any search may be presented: Descending time-order, Ascending time-order, or Relevance. By default, a search will find and present in descending time-order the results found on All Pages that include any of the search terms. If Relevance is the chosen ordering, the presentation is determined by the importance of the search terms in the context of the content that the search returns. Terms that occur less often will rank higher than terms that are common.

The search can be narrowed by using the various Search Types given in the search box drop-down menu. It can be made more efficient by adhering to the following guidelines.

NOTE: Punctuation marks, apostrophes, other symbols (exclamation points, dashes, etc) should not be included in the search. Numbers should also not be included, with the exception of the official PIA# assigned to released products.

To search for a particular PIA#, type either the full 5-digit number (including zeros), or PIA followed immediately by the 5-digit number. Do not use quotation marks. To search for PIA# 07740, type either 07740 or PIA07740.

To find items that mention either Enceladus or Rhea, type:

To find an item that includes all search words, add "+" in front of each word. Here's how to search for all items that mention both Enceladus and Rhea:

To exclude a word from your search, put a minus sign ("-") before the search word. Here's how to search for all items that mention Enceladus, but not Rhea:

To find an item that includes an exact phrase, surround the phrase with quotation marks. Here's how to search for all items that contain the phrase "faint rings":