It is a long established practice that in presenting the results of a scientific investigation, one officially publishes his or her findings in a reputable, peer-reviewed scientific journal. Collected here are some of the publications of the Cassini Imaging Science team on its findings at Jupiter and Saturn and on the characteristics of the Imaging Science experiment. Where a digital copy of the article could not, for some reason, be supplied, the exact reference and, in some cases, the link to the journal are given.

Full Team Reports are the articles, extremely broad in scope and written by the entire 14-member science team and their associates, reporting on the engineering characteristics of the imaging cameras as well as the initial findings of our experiment at Jupiter and Saturn.

Secondary Papers are those that follow-on from the initial team reports and detail the results of more focused investigations. These are generally written by a much smaller subset of the team.

Meeting Abstracts are the very brief descriptions, also officially published, of presentations given at scientific meetings and conferences. Examples are the annual meetings of the Division of Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society, the American Geophysical Union, and the European Geophysical Union.

The grand final summary of nearly all our discoveries at Jupiter and Saturn can be found under Secondary Papers, 2018. It is entitled `Cassini Mission Science Report: Imaging Science Subsystem'.