CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Captain's Logs
Release DateTitle
Feb 23, 2022Epilogue
Sep 15, 2017We Came. We Saw. It's Done.
Sep 15, 2015A Subterranean Global Ocean on Enceladus
Jan 14, 2015I Dreamed of Falling
Dec 24, 2014Visions of Saturn Danced in Our Heads
Jul 28, 2014The Wonder of Enceladus
Jun 30, 2014Ten Years Ago Today ...
Nov 12, 2013The Day the Earth Smiled
Jun 18, 2013A Day To Celebrate the Pale Blue Dot
Dec 18, 2012A Splendor Seldom Seen
Jul 12, 2012Up, Up and Away!
Apr 23, 2012A Most Beguiling Ring
Nov 17, 2011The Saturn Storm Chronicles
Jul 6, 2011A Great Northern Storm
Nov 1, 2010The Story of Saturn's Outer B Ring
Sep 21, 2009The Rite of Spring
May 7, 2009Gene Roddenberry Meets George Lucas
Apr 2, 2009Celebrating Galileo
Mar 23, 2009The Dance of the Moon Shadows
Dec 31, 2008A Year of Splendor
Nov 1, 2008Skeet Shooting Enceladus
Jun 30, 2008Mission Accomplished!
Mar 26, 2008Diving Over Enceladus
Dec 24, 2007Holiday Greetings 2007
Oct 15, 2007Cassini's Diamond Anniversary
Mar 15, 2007The Wetlands of Titan
Dec 29, 2006A Year of Surveillance
Sep 19, 2006Total Eclipse of the Sun ... and a Pale Blue Orb
Jun 18, 2006Sixty-Four Scenes from Saturn
Mar 9, 2006Enceladus!
Dec 22, 2005Spectacular Sights at 10 AU
Jun 28, 2005Land of Lakes?
Jan 11, 2005Preparations for Landing
Dec 30, 2004Iapetus Up Ahead
Nov 29, 2004Nature's Canvas
Oct 26, 2004The Last Great Mystery
Sep 9, 2004Dream of Discovery
May 6, 2004The Veils of Titan
Feb 27, 2004Approach to Saturn Begins
Dec 5, 2003Portal View
Nov 13, 2003The Greatest Jupiter Portrait
Nov 1, 2002Cassini Sights Saturn
Mar 13, 2002Surpises in the Jovian Stratosphere
May 31, 2001Final Farewell to Jupiter
Oct 9, 2000Arrival At Jupiter
Feb 11, 2000Cassini Asteroid flyby
Sep 1, 1999Inaugural Greeting from the Captain