Carter, B., Hedman, M. (2016). "A dusty ringlet with connections to both Prometheus and the F ring" American Astronomical Society, DDA meeting #47, id.#203.02.

Prometheus is a small satellite of Saturn that orbits between the planet's main rings and the narrow and dusty F ring. Prometheus' complex interactions with the F-ring material have been investigated in some detail using data from the Cassini and Voyager spacecraft, but the moon's influences on other nearby dusty rings are still largely unexplored. Here we examine a very faint ringlet that can be seen in high-phase images of the region around Prometheus' orbit taken by the Cassini spacecraft. These data reveal that the mean radius of this ringlet is close to Prometheus' semi-major axis, suggesting that it consists of material co-orbiting with that moon. However, images taken at different times and longitudes also reveal that the ringlet is eccentric, and its apsidal precession rate is not that expected for material close to Prometheus' orbit (semi-major axis of 139,380 km). Instead, the ringlet appears to be precessing at the same rate as the F-ring (mean radius around 140,200 km). The structure and dynamics of this ringlet therefore probably involve interactions with both Prometheus and the F ring.