Kersten, E., Roatsch, T., Hoffmeister, A., Matz, K.-D., Preusker, F., Wagner, R., Helfenstein, P., Porco, C. (2012). "Recent Improvements of the Atlases of the Saturnian Satellites Mimas and Enceladus" Abstract P51A-2003 presented at 2012 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, Calif., 3-7 Dec.

The Cassini Imaging Science Sub-system (ISS) acquired 24 high-resolution images of the Northern hemisphere of Mimas during a non-targeted flyby in June 2012. These images were used to replace the low-resolution Voyager images in the Northern part of the global mosaic of Mimas and in the North Pole quadrangle of the Mimas atlas. The Cassini ISS cameras acquired about 180 new high-resolution (<1km/pixel) images during a series of targeted flybys of Enceladus in 2011 and 2012. These images were used to replace lower resolution images in the controlled mosaic and the Enceladus atlas that were released in 2010. Both the improved North Pole quadrangle of Mimas and one example of the improved Enceladus atlas will be shown in this presentation. The new release of the atlases will be made available to the public through CICLOPS (