Dyudina, U.A., Ingersoll, A.P., Ewald, S.P., Porco, C. C., Hedman, M. M., Burns, J.A., Charnoz, S. (2009). "Vertically Extended E-ring Observed in Cassini ISS Night Side Images of Saturn" American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #41, #22.08.

The night side limb of Saturn's north pole appears silhouetted against a brighter background when observed at a phase angle (sun-target-spacecraft) of 161 degrees. The spacecraft was close to the equatorial plane when the observations were taken, and the bright background originates behind the planet, so the scatterers are more than one Saturn radius (1.0 Rs) above the ring plane. The half-maximum contour of the E ring is only 0.04 Rs above the ring plane at the orbit of Enceladus, but the wings of the distribution are broad, especially beyond the orbit of Enceladus. Most likely, these observations provide information about the extremely inclined tail of the population of dust particles in the Saturn system. The bright background can be detected at least in 4 different wavelengths and appears blue. We will discuss the color of the scatterers and its implications on the particle size.