Thomas, P. C., Morisson, S., Burns, J. A., and others (2008). "Small Satellites, Asteroids, and Comets: Surface Expressions of Internal Structures" Eos Trans. AGU, 89(53) Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract P23A-1363.

High-resolution images of the surfaces of small (r<200 km) satellites, asteroids, and cometary nuclei are now sufficiently numerous to record trends in the expressions of internal structures. Recent Cassini images are particularly useful in this survey. Epimetheus, Pandora, and Phobos show patterns of grooves best interpreted as expressions of tidal stress-induced fractures. Objects that are subject largely to impact rather than tidal stresses -- Gaspra, Ida, Eros, Phoebe, and Hyperion -- show evidence of fractures in local, rather than global, patterns. Wild-2 and Tempel-1 have active, albeit very different surfaces, and most fracture evidence may have been lost by sublimation or, in the case of Tempel-1,by both erosion and burial. These groove patterns and individual morphologies allow inferences of body strengths, regolith thicknesses, and some specific events in their geologic histories. We also predict properties and surface appearances of other asteroids and satellites.