Roatsch, Th., Wählisch, M., Hoffmeister, A., Kuhn, A., Neukum, G., Helfenstein, P., Porco, C. (2007). "High Resolution Enceladus Atlas derived from Cassini-ISS images." Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 9, 03683.

The Cassini Imaging Science Sub-system (ISS) acquired many high-resolution images (< 1 km/pixel) during three close flybys of Enceladus in 2005 [1].We combined these images with lower-resolution coverage and a few images taken by Voyager cameras to produce a high-resolution global controlled mosaic of Enceladus. This global mosaic is the baseline for a high-resolution Enceladus atlas that consists of 15 tiles mapped at a scale of 1:500,000. A few examples of these map tiles will be shown in this presentation. The nomenclature used in this atlas was validated and approved by the IAU. The whole atlas is available to the public through the Imaging Team’s website and can be found

[1] Porco, C. et al., 2006, Science, 311, 1393-1401