Tiscareno, M. S., Burns, J. A., Nicholson, P. D., Hedman, M. M., Porco, C. C. (2006). "Ring Reconnaissance with Weak Waves." Eos Trans. AGU 87(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract P34A-02 I.

Cassini's detection of weak spiral density waves in Saturn's rings offers the opportunity to sample ring characteristics with fewer ambiguities compared to the stronger waves observed by Voyager. Analysis of these waves, which are raised at inner Lindblad resonances (ILRs) with moon orbits, provides tighter constraints on ring surface density, viscosity, and vertical thickness. We also present a first-order model of the complex structure of weak density waves raised by the co-orbital moons Janus and Epimetheus. The morphology of these waves changes with time, as the moons undergo their 8-year mutual libration, and our model predicts wave morphology for the remainder of the Cassini mission. We will test this model against the latest Cassini data.