Bray, Veronica, Turtle, E., Helfenstein, P., Rathbun, J., Perry, J., Porco, C. (2006). "Investigation into the Morphologic Variations of Fractures on Enceladus." American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #38, #24.05.

The morphologies and nature of fractures on a planetary surface provide information on the acting stress regime and upper crustal properties. We present maps and measurements of fracture sets on Enceladus, comparing the morphologic variations between fractures of different locations and relative ages. We infer the relative ages of different fractures via the law of superposition during mapping and document the morphologies of the fracture sets so that any variation with age can be assessed. This analysis provides clues to how the crustal conditions and stress regimes in different areas may have changed over time. Measurements of individual fractures that extend across a range of latitudes (45 S to 60 N latitude at 230 W longitude) allow crustal conditions in the heavily cratered northern hemisphere and the relatively pristine surface of the southern hemisphere to be compared. Mapping and analysis of the fractures in the enigmatic South Polar region will then allow us to compare these specific local conditions to those in other regions.