Murray, C. D., Evans, M. W., Cooper, N., Beurle, K., Burns, J. A., Spitale, J., Porco, C. C. (2005). "Saturn's F ring and its retinue." American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #37, #64.05.

In 2004 the Cassini ISS cameras discovered three new objects orbiting in the vicinity of Saturn's F ring (IAUC 8401, IAUC 8432). S/2004 S 3 was detected in images of the right ansa taken on 21 June and appeared to be skirting the outer edge of the F ring region. S/2004 S 4 was seen at the left ansa on the same day but located in one of the F ring's inner strands. On 28 October 2004 S/2004 S 6 was detected in high phase angle images orbiting at the inner edge of the F ring region. The core and several strands of the F ring have continued to display a wide variety of unusual structures, some of which are difficult to assign to the gravitational interaction with Prometheus alone. Here we report on the latest observations of the F ring and attempt to make sense of the structures and objects that have been detected.
This research is funded by PPARC and NASA.