Murray, C. D., Burns, J. A., Beurle, K., Cooper, N., Evans, M. W., Porco, C. C., Dones, L., Brahic, A., Spitale, J., et al. (2004). "Cassini ISS observations of Saturn's F ring region." American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #36, #7.03.

Images of Saturn's F ring region were obtained by the ISS cameras on approach to Saturn and immediately following Saturn orbit insertion. Several imaging sequences taken at the ansae have been used to provide complete azimuthal coverage of the F ring. The ring itself exhibits many of the same phenomena detected by Voyager, including multiple strands, clumps and kinks. The highest resolution images show structured sheets of material immediately interior to the F ring. Our current understanding of the F ring region and its perturbing objects will be reviewed in the light of these latest observations from Cassini.
This research was funded by NASA, PPARC and CNRS.