Hedman, M. M., Burns, J. A., Murray, C. D., Tiscareno, M. S., Cuzzi, J. N., Porco, C. C., Dones, H., Brahic, A., and Ferrari, C. (2004). "Faint Rings and Things According to Cassini." American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #36, #19.13.

During Saturn Orbit Insertion and the months surrounding that event, Cassini imaged various ring structures having low optical depth. These include the broad diffuse E ring, the narrower G ring, the contorted F ring, diffuse ringlets within the Encke gap and a very faint sheet lying between the A and F rings. We have also discovered a very faint, narrow ringlet surrounding Atlas's orbit. If other small satellites are found in this region, they may also be surrounded by faint ringlets. We will present preliminary results on the morphology and photometry of these features, along with first-cut explanations for some observed features. So far, scattered light has hampered our characterization of some faint features that lie close to the bright globe or rings of Saturn.