Burns, J. A., Tiscareno, M. S., Porco, C. C., Dones, H., Murray, C. D., et al. (2004). "Weak Waves and Wakes in Saturn's Rings: Observations by Cassini ISS." American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #36, #19.12.

At Saturn Orbit Insertion (SOI), the Cassini Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS) imaged the rings of Saturn with unprecedented resolution and signal/noise. Many features are present with remarkable clarity, including density waves excited by first-order Lindblad resonances with the tiny satellite Atlas, as well as density waves excited by second-order Lindblad resonances with Janus, Prometheus, and Pandora. Additionally, we find much structure due to Pan, the satellite embedded in the Encke Gap. As one moves away from the gap, the Pan disturbances undergo a transition, from features best described as gravitational wakes to features best described as density waves. We will present examples of these phenomena and discuss their implications.