Porco, C.C. and the Cassini Imaging Team (2004). "Cassini Imaging Science: First Results at Saturn." 35th COSPAR Scientific Assembly 35, 299.


The Cassini Imaging Science experiment at Saturn will commence in early February, 2004 -- five months before Cassini's arrival at Saturn. Approach observations consist of repeated multi-spectral `movie' sequences of Saturn and its rings, image sequences designed to search for previously unseen satellites between the outer edge of the ring system and the orbit of Hyperion, images of known satellites for orbit refinement, observations of Phoebe during Cassini's closest approach to the satellite, and repeated multi-spectral `movie' sequences of Titan to detect and track clouds (for wind determination) and to sense the surface. During Saturn Orbit Insertion, the highest resolution images (~ 100 m) obtained during the whole orbital tour will be collected of the dark side of the rings. Finally, imaging sequences are planned for Cassini's first Titan flyby, on July 2, from a distance of ~ 350,000 km, yielding an image scale of ~ 2.1 km on the South polar region. The highlights of these observation sequences will be presented.