Dyudina, U. A., Del Genio, A. D., Dones, L., Throop, H. B., Porco, C. C., and Seager, S. (2003). "Disk-averaged Phase Light Curves of Extrasolar Jupiter and Saturn." American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #35, #18.04.

We predict how the remote observer would see the brightness of the giant planets vary as they orbit the star. The prediction is based on our empirical model of Jupiter, Saturn, and Saturn's rings reflectivity. The planets' and rings' surface reflectivity and the phase angle dependence of the reflectivity is derived from Pioneer and Voyagers spacecraft observations.
We model the geometry of the planets and rings. We derive the disk-averaged brightness of the planet and rings depending on the orbital inclination and eccentricity.
We will discuss detectability of extrasolar planets and the rings around the planets using their phase light curves, and the spectral dependence of the phase curves.