Porco, C., Dones, L., Burns, J., West, R., Throop, H., Murray, C., and Brahic, A. (2001). "Cassini Imaging Science: The Jovian Rings." European Geophysical Society XXVI General Assembly PS6.01.


The Jovian rings were a prime target for the Cassini Imaging Science experiment during Jupiter flyby. Beginning in mid-December, 2000, narrow angle images were acquired through polarizing filters and across the full spectral range of the ISS, from the ultraviolet into the near-IR, from 0 degrees to 140 degrees in phase angle, at intervals of roughly 15 degrees, as Cassini flew through the Jupiter system. Bracketing this suite of spectrophotometric observations were two 36+ hour movies of the main ring -- one at 0 and the other near 120 deg phase -- to search for temporal variations in the ring. At the highest accessible phase angles near 130 degrees, relatively long exposures were also acquired to search the outer reaches of the gossamer rings. Preliminary results from this suite of observations on ring structure and photometry will be presented.