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The Fountains of Enceladus

One of the most thrilling moments thus far for Cassini imaging scientists was the recent return of images and [link {1714}]time-lapse sequences[/link] showing spectacular visual evidence of fountain-like jets emanating from the south polar region of Enceladus and a gigantic plume towering above the small icy moon.

Dec 6, 2005: Enceladus Plume Movie - Jets of icy particles burst from Enceladus in this brief movie sequence of four images taken on November 27, 2005.

Nov 28, 2005: Fountains of Enceladus - Recent Cassini images of Enceladus at high phase show the fountain-like sources of the fine spray of material that towers above the south polar region of Enceladus.
Nov 28, 2005: Enceladus Plume Raw Preview - This image of Enceladus was taken by Cassini on November 27, 2005.
Nov 28, 2005: Spray Above Enceladus - A fine spray of small, icy particles emanating from the warm, geologically unique province surrounding the south pole of Enceladus was observed in a Cassini narrow-angle camera image of the crescent moon taken on January 16, 2005.