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Cassini's Season of Moons

In celebration of a fabulously successful year spent coursing among Saturn's moons, new Cassini images and movies are being [link {1712}]released today[/link], in conjunction with the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco, to showcase the diversity and beauty of some of the ringed planet's most unusual companions.

Dec 6, 2005: Season of Moons - This montage shows four major icy moons of Saturn that Cassini visited while surveying the Saturnian system during 2005.
Dec 6, 2005: Cosmic Blasting Zone - Impact-pummeled Hyperion stares back at Cassini in this six-image mosaic taken during the spacecraft’s close approach on September 26, 2005.

Sep 29, 2005: Flight to Hyperion - This movie sequence shows highlights of Cassini’s September 26, 2005 flyby of the odd icy moon Hyperion (266 kilometers, 165 miles across).

Dec 6, 2005: Color Variation on Hyperion - Hyperion’s crater Meri blooms in this extreme color-enhanced view.
Dec 6, 2005: Color Variation Across Rhea and Dione - The cratered ice moons Rhea and Dione come alive with vibrant color that reveals new information about their surface properties.
Dec 6, 2005: Rhea: Full Moon - This giant mosaic reveals Saturn’s icy moon Rhea in her full, crater-scarred glory.
Dec 6, 2005: Craters, Craters Everywhere - Craters within craters cover the scarred face of Rhea in this oblique, high resolution view of terrain on the moon’s western hemisphere.
Dec 6, 2005: Catch that Crater - In the nick of time, Cassini snapped this image of the eastern rim of Rhea’s bright ray crater.
Dec 6, 2005: Iapetus Spins and Tilts - Saturn’s two-faced moon tilts and rotates for Cassini in this mesmerizing movie sequence of images acquired during the spacecraft’s close encounter with Iapetus on November 12, 2005.