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Sector 6

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Golf Sector 6
04-28-2012  00:51:01

I would like to see a gravity rating so I can gauge my shots.
Maybe a running score or little audio's like 'Your friends are laughing at you!'
How about club selection?
Yeah... It's gravitated me into it's web!
01-10-2011  21:14:59

When's the Saturn Invitational?
01-10-2011  21:13:49

I love the perfect shot that orbited around and hit me in the head! I laughed so much. Reminds me of my REAL game. So much fun but I still STINK! One more Romulan Ale and I'll try again! I would love the balls view looking down at the moon and a little more real player. Maybe some choices we could customize our player.

Phoebe: A Captured Planetesimal
04-28-2012  00:24:33

I don't know why I'm captivated by Phoebe. It must be the sharp lines and ice, like she was an Olympic bobsledder. Skating in from the Ort cloud she saw Saturn and was drawn to her beauty.

Holiday Treats ... from Us to You
01-04-2012  20:06:27

Can you see through the haze of Titan at night
and view the sights passing by?
Maybe our kids can try this out.
I'd sure like to try!

Breathtaking as always!

A Quintet of Moons
09-14-2011  21:43:45

So you ask yourself... does Carolyn ever get board with this job.... nope!
09-14-2011  21:40:39

Sometimes you just run out of things to say when something like this is so lovely, captivating, inspiring...
A Great Northern Storm
09-14-2011  21:33:05

Yeah, I like the big thinker. Lightning in the clouds of the soup and you don't know what you got. It's like finding life in the rocks miles underground or the thermal vents 5 miles down on the oceans of Earth. You never know.
I think it's everywhere in one form or another.
Rock on!

Hyperion Rev 152 Raw Preview
09-14-2011  21:23:08

I glide among the ripples that my Hyperion landscape delivers.
In and out the honey comb, the view sends me shivers.
Ice and dust, light and dark, tumbling along alone
till my friend Cassini comes along and sends my portrait home.
I am not alone...

Enceladus Rev 142 Raw Preview
01-10-2011  20:43:48

It's been a while since visiting the crystal cannons. I still sit and stare at the screen with my mouth open in wonderment. So beautiful and inspiring.

Damascus Sulcus on Enceladus
08-15-2008  00:29:32

They look like a set of chapped lips.

Baghdad and Cairo Sulci on Enceladus
08-15-2008  00:26:01

Magnficent. Stunning. Expert piloting. BRAVO!!

The Beauty of Her Veil
11-09-2007  21:42:54

...waking from my rest, a view out the forward portal worthy of a DavidK image. Am I asleep and still dreaming of such beauty? No, I am awake and ready to continue my journey.

Approaching Iapetus
10-10-2007  18:22:10

Every new image takes me closer. Every new view leaves me needing to see more.
Every new vision makes me smile and dream. Every new feature adds to Saturns lore.

The Other Side of Iapetus
10-09-2007  20:51:28

How incredibly beautiful! Now I will have to change my ski trip to Enceladus to include a stop at the Space Port Resort on Iapetus. (Off season rates apply)

The Himalayas of Iapetus
09-19-2007  17:56:15

If you havn't watched the Iapetus flybgy greeting by Aurther Clarke you are truly missing something special. I was captivated by every sylable he spoke about the writing of 2001 A Space Odyssey. The passion for his writing and old #6 oozes out of every word. The sparkle in his eyes about the Saturnian system brought a chill to my mind as I rode with him into orbit. What a master !!!