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At Last ... 'Star Trek' Opens!
Alan Canon      
06-12-2009  06:42:12

Oh, I'll just gush a little more. I saw the movie *four times* in one week! I don't think I watched any of the others more than twice in theatrical release. I am a long time fan of the movies, and I have my favorites. I think this one goes at the top of the list. Of the characterizations, Karl Urban as McCoy was my favorite: "Space is disease and death, wrapped in darkness and silence." Classic!

Of course the Titan scene made me cheer, one-upping the fabu Leonov-Discovery sequences set above Io in "2010: The Year We Make Contact." I can't wait to get the DVD just to hear what Carolyn has to say about it.
Alan Canon      
06-12-2009  06:32:44

I've seen all the Star Trek movies in the theatre (Robert Wise's excellent Star Trek: The Motion Picture was the first Trek I ever saw.) Wise imaginatively incorporated NASA's Voyager program into the plotline...and guess which Supreme Imagining Darling of us Alliance members worked on the Voyager mission?

Carolyn Porco!

Now we've come full circle, with a new "first" Star Trek movie, where not only the latest in space science informs the movie, but Carolyn, herself, to boot!

Loved the movie, and agree that Carolyn needs to be in the next one.