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Sector 6

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A Subsurface Globe-Encompassing Watery Realm on Enceladus
02-23-2016  08:07:23

What an amazing ride. I've cried at the beauty of the images...and Carolyn, you (and the team) have joined my very short list of heroes.

At Last ... 'Star Trek' Opens!
05-26-2009  15:26:28

Wow! We saw it on Cape Cod this weekend and it exceeded our expectations. It was both a "movie" and a "film". You couldn't miss the stunning visual! I told people sitting around me about Carolyn's role, and we stayed through the credits and we cheered when her name scrolled. They saw it before I did! My wife isn't a Trekkie, but it isn't in the least necessary. A Trekkie knows "Get your Vulcan hands off me" was in the original series, but who cares? Some scientists (I'm a CFO) may quibble with imperfect accuracy. Hey, lighten up! This isn't a documentary! Have fun. Live Long and Prosper!