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Scanning Enceladus' Surface
06-03-2011  22:25:21

Ditto to that, the spider-like crater really rocks!

Enceladus 'Rev 141' Raw Preview #3
12-10-2010  19:35:35

Award winning? This image gets my vote.

Enceladus "Rev 131" Flyby Raw Preview #7
05-19-2010  21:16:30

A close encounter? These images are incredible!

Lightning Flashing on Saturn
04-14-2010  20:05:38

In "Turbulent Down South",
it was stated, "It is possible that these features merged some time after this image was taken." Could these types of turbulent features actually cause the lightning to occur in Saturn's southern latitudes?

Bizarre Temperatures on Mimas
03-30-2010  21:14:32

The varying degree temp inside the Herschel Crater very possibly holds the key to why the border between the colder and warmer regions form a triangular division. Possibly due to the impact depth of the Herschel Crater where an outer interior core had been breached explaining why there is a warmer region in that section of the crater.

Enceladus' Warm Baghdad Sulcus
02-23-2010  22:09:15

It is very interesting in comparing the different colors of the regions to
contour of the surface area. Without the infrared colors it would be impossible to tell where the source of the radiation is coming from! Even when switching back and forth between the surface maps and the heat maps, there was no discernable pattern except that the heat that was present may have been trapped in those areas and could be read by the spectrometer more readily.

Calypso "Rev 126" Flyby Raw Preview #1
02-16-2010  18:55:42

Calypso, almost "shoehorn" like in shape amazes one as ti how
it had aquired that very unusual shape!

Rugged Mimas
02-03-2010  19:28:11

Cool image but like this one too"Before a Veiled Rhea", composite image of Mimas and Rhea,

Way to go Ciclps, mission extension Solstice to 2017!!
Next encounter is a Rhea flyby in 26 days....

Prometheus "Rev 125" Flyby Raw Preview
01-28-2010  19:57:21

Up close, Prometheus resembles a fossilized tool carved by prehistoric man!

Tethys Slips Behind Titan
01-18-2010  18:39:23

See Cassini's mini movie on "Titan's Shifting Hazes",,
"where hazes appear to flow and merge".
The question is where are they merging to and where are they
merging from? Clearly, the atmosphere on Titan is not a
uniform one.

Rings and Rhea
01-09-2010  13:19:59

This line of cratering along Rhea's terminator in this image may give
scientists a clue how they were formed; possibly connected to its

Before a Veiled Rhea
01-03-2010  07:08:59

"Take that Cassini Virtual Tour!"

Special Holiday Raw Preview #3
12-28-2009  18:52:06

exquisite detail. great image ciclops!

Special Holiday Raw Preview #2
12-28-2009  18:48:58

The clarity of the jets in this image is astonishing, magnificent!

Thermal Runaway Model
12-22-2009  18:15:20

thanks carolyn, given that you are correct, of course, 'thermal' would not necessarily mean a volcanic eruption. Interesting also that you mention, in how the dust ring about Phoebe being of keen interest as well, I imagine that particular interest may be for a number of reasons also!
12-12-2009  19:37:49

I'm not convinced that the thermal model of migrating ice is a valid explanation. It seems more plausible, based on the imagery, that there was a massive volcanic eruption which jettied massive amounts of ejecta material that covered the icy surface. If this were so, then it is doublful that the process of the evolution of dark material deposits occurring over millions of years is valid either.

Narrow Shadow
12-08-2009  17:35:09

Wow! Was that only 1 degree above the ring plane? Even at that slight
inclination it's truly remarkable how much of the ring plane is visible!

Enceladus "Rev 121" Flyby Raw Preview #3
11-22-2009  18:51:35

The angles of deflection of the jet plumes suggest very strong evidence that there is an underground ocean and it is very close to the surface. An OL mission could be closer that we may expect after seeing these images confirming that fact.

Enceladus "Rev 120" Flyby Raw Preview #4
11-04-2009  20:33:12

These raw images reveal a mysterious anomaly in these plumes of Enceladus.
If there is some chance that there is organic life in the plumes then the likelihood of the existence of life close to the jets, very close to the surface is also very good. The anomaly is in the speculation. Science has yet to encounter anything like this type of geological phenomenon so what we have learned so far is only "the tip of the iceberg" on what possibilites exist and in how we can study and observe them.

Prometheus and Pan Pair
10-19-2009  18:59:05

Thank you again Ciclops!! In image PIA11676, (Shadows and More Shadows)
the kinks in the Encke Gap had shown a distinct height by their
shadows but Pan was not visibile in that magnification of the image.
Here, however, Pan is clearly visible and and in relation to the shadow
heights onto the A ring from the inner material band, Pan is clearly leading
the wake of the inner band by a considerable distance when compared to Daphne's
wake in the Keeler Gap where the wake is see on either side of its orbit.
The leads one to speculate as to whether vibrations in the inner band
material of the Encke Gap causes oscillations in the middle band which
then causes the shadows to appear onto the inner A rimg.

Enceladus: Trailing Hemisphere
10-16-2009  19:22:41

The contrast between the youthful terrain and the older terrain
raises an interesting hypothesis, was Enceladus formed by the
collision and fusion of two different moons?

Saturnscape After Equinox
10-04-2009  18:17:58

Tethys and Dione appear almost as carbon copies of each other in
this view!

A Pair of Shepherds
09-28-2009  18:30:21

Prometheus, as captured in this image, incredibly sculpted by the
impacts into the F ring also allows for the human eye to witness
an evolving ring whose structure may be radically transformed at
some point in the distant future.

Inner B Ring Terminus
09-21-2009  19:35:27

Supposing there was a collision in the D ring with a comet or asteroid with dissipation of that force extending to the inner B ring boundary, then it is possible that the visible corrugations are the recoil effect as the ring structure slowly goes back to a point of equilibrium.

Small Moon Shadow
09-07-2009  21:26:26

When comparing the fine outer edge of the A ring with the inner edge of the F ring that the F ring is alot less clearly defined, although once might consider less dense areas of the F ring a "minor gaps" inside of the F ring. So, if the distance of Atlas to the edge of the A ring is a unit, then 2.5 of that unit would be about the distance of Atlas the the first "minor gap" of the F ring.

Roche Division Shadow Caster
08-30-2009  21:15:29

The point of impact with the F ring of Prometheus is moving away
from the point of impact as the ring material is deflected towards
its motion. There also appears a very suble reflected shadow at the point
of impact! If this is true then this may have been the first time Cassini has
captured one orbiting object casting 2 shadows in the same image!!

Brilliance Beyond the Rings
08-23-2009  06:39:26

It does look closer than the edge of the ring plain; possibly due to its illumination characteristics

Saturn Equinox Raw Preview #1
08-13-2009  18:28:32

Breathtaking!! Thanks ciclops!!

A Small Find near Equinox
08-08-2009  13:23:53

I see it but I don't believe it!

Colorful Northern Crescent
08-01-2009  22:10:29

a very intreguing horizon.

Sawtooth Shadows
07-30-2009  20:02:03

Once more the shadow of the ripple takes center stage!

Crooked Shadow
07-29-2009  20:19:18

It appears as though the shadow cast onto the A ring
casts a secondary shadow back onto the F ring where it
expands after narrowing towards the middle.

Prometheus' Trail
07-18-2009  19:30:38

A very strange yet inspiring anomaly.

Epimetheus' Shadow
07-10-2009  19:06:52

Compared to the image "Groundhog Day on Saturn" (image 3/23/09),
the elapsed time between the capture of these two images is about
19 weeks. The camera angle view here in contrast to that image is
a difference of 86 degrees. Revisiting the "Groundhog Day" photo
reveals a very thick and dark shadow of Epimetheus across the A ring
taken on 1/8/09 which was below the ring plane. Here,
at the above angle ring plane view, the shadow cast onto the A ring
is much lighter, thinner and narrow and stretches further towards the
Encke gap than the image in "Groundhog Day".

Atmospheric Halo
07-05-2009  19:28:03

This image of Titan's atmosphere clearly shows a "uniform-ness"
to it. The halo effect also shows another very interesting
aspect where as the hazy atmosphere approaches the unlit shadow
of Titan in this image, there appears a slight divergence
away from it expanding further out.

Navigating the Blackness
06-29-2009  18:17:41

Very familiar to the image in "Star Companions".

Serene Enceladus
06-26-2009  19:56:59

Distant images such as this one provide clues as to where
underground oceans may have existed on the surface. The subtle
differences in shadings on Enceladus may provide much broader
insight into these facts.

Weaving a Shadow
06-25-2009  19:26:52

When viewing the traversal of Mimas' shadow past the gaps in
the rings, what is truly remarkable is the way the shadow traverses
the first gap where it seems to "jump the gap" (center gap in image)
as compared to the traversal of the shadow in the second gap
where it seems to pass more evenly (lower right gap in image).

Eclipsing Mimas
06-24-2009  21:00:26

Interesting how in the eclipse sequence that immediately after the sequence is over and when restarting that sequence, there is a distinct and noticeable observed rotation in Mimas, even though it is very slight.

From Rings to Planet
06-20-2009  21:14:48

There are fewer of those shadows in this image.
06-20-2009  10:40:50

Maybe this shadow is a reflection of Mimas' shadow.

Broad Impact on Tethys
06-18-2009  04:41:17

At over a million kilometers, this image of Tethys is
remarkable in its detail and in capturing the Odysseus Crater
at almost center image.

Southern Color
06-13-2009  20:39:45

The spectral filters complement the rings and the
planet surface extremely well in this image.

Wavy Shadows
06-11-2009  18:39:21

In a word, unparalleled!

Down Dione Way
06-10-2009  19:42:34

These wisps that have originated from the tectonic fractures on the surface of Dione are in some ways similar to the "tiger paw" fractures on Enceladus. From this distance, the image of Dione clearly shows those wisps as distinct from contrasting moon surface of Dione.

Titan in Eclipse
06-06-2009  23:26:59

Cassini has captured Titan in this very unique and
very proportional portrait image.

Watching Atlas's Waistline
06-04-2009  19:53:42

Atlas' size and shape may explain why it does not reach a point of
apoapse into the F ring material as Prometheus does; however,
it may have more to do with its size than of its shape.

The Great Basin
06-03-2009  21:35:04

Considering the uniqueness of the cratering density there is
evidence that may point to the causation as from an explosion or
implosion as opposed to a collision.

Petite Moon
05-30-2009  20:30:45

The path of the moonlet shows a closed path in the G ring,
however, the path in the G ring is not completely closed.
So, the question becomes at what rate (if ascertainable) is the
path of Aegaeon gaining closure in its orbit in the G ring or
by what measure is it losing it? The length of the streak
compared to the distance of a single orbit would be the
beginning of a very interesting hypothesis towards answering
that question.

Encke Ringlets
05-29-2009  23:11:54

The ringlets are shown brilliantly here with their
resonant characteristics diverging equidistant from the camera
angle of the image.

Prometheus' Two-Step
05-23-2009  09:10:32

A recaptured phenomenon inside the F ring where we can now witness
a future ring formation at its very beginnings. The action-reaction
collision of Prometheus with the F ring not only extracts ring material
but may as well be transforming the shape of the moon as these collisions
occur over great periods of time causing further speculation as to what
the final outcome of this event may appear as.

Glorious View
05-15-2009  18:56:34

A very beautiful sight to see!
Saturn's shadow cast on the rings making them seem to disappear,
yet the silhouette appears against the reflected light as a reminder
to us that they are still there. A wonderful image in counterpoint!

Minuscule Moon Shadow
05-13-2009  18:41:19


Shining a Second Light
05-12-2009  22:14:01

A true spectacle!

At Last ... 'Star Trek' Opens!
05-09-2009  20:43:14

The Saturn scene was great and so was the idea on Titan's atmosphere as a hiding place for the USS Enterprise!
Now we all know that Romulans and red matter don't mix!
Good old spock,"Live long and prosper"

Reciprocating Rings
05-09-2009  14:42:09

Wonder what shadows lurk for Enceladus and Dione?

Hazy Halo
05-06-2009  21:27:47

A very interesting variance in the image of the atmosphere when using visible violet light instead of red, blue and green spectral filters as in the image "Hazy Ring of Titan's sky. Here, the presence of a uniform upper most atmosphere is clearly visible.

Trumpeting the Equinox
05-01-2009  18:54:14

What a tremendous opportunity to confirm and map the orbit of
Saturn's moons while during the time of the equinox where the shadows
are the most visible on Saturn's rings!

Shine On Crazy Wisps
04-29-2009  21:20:27

From this camera angle it appears as though there are 2 different lines of demarcation, the terminator being the first and the 2nd a lateral line in the center of the image appearing to divide Rhea between a finer surface and a rougher one.

Moons by the Bunch
04-28-2009  21:17:45

This is a great opportunity to see Janus in orbit parallel to Prometheus.
One can really appreciate the visual confirmation of the size of Janus at
111 miles across, amazingly close to double the size compared to Prometheus' diameter of 53 miles!

Changes in Titan's Lakes
04-27-2009  19:52:05

A truly remarkable transformation of the landscape on Titan and in
only one year's time!

Pastel Rings
04-24-2009  21:39:17

The shadow of demarcation, the Saturnian equator,
highlights in this image very fine textures of ring structure.

Bothersome Moon
04-23-2009  21:11:40

Streaming material clearly seen trailing Prometheus in this fantastic
footage. Also clearly seen as well is the counter ripple effect
on the opposite end of that collision where the action-reaction
in the bright portion of the F ring showing significant wave
motion moving in opposite directions to the steamers.

Waves from Daphnis
04-21-2009  19:33:26

One might have seen the Keeler gap at one time being much
wider in the A ring; the size and mass of Daphnis being much greater
as its orbit creates constant collisions displaced it's mass into the
Keeler gap making it narrower.

Tortured Ring
04-20-2009  21:05:59

Cassini has captured in this photo what Voyager detected as a "braiding effect" F ring more than 27 years later! "The small bright dash" was called a star trail. Compared to the Cassini image one can only imagine what the sensors of Voyager had been detecting as the tortured ring or "braiding effect" of Voyager must have been filtering out what we are witnessing here as the true image.
04-18-2009  19:22:58

The image of the tortured "F" ring brings with it the
prospect of a continuous magnetic field(s) as well as holding the
potential for a recoil force.

Spokes at Sunrise
04-14-2009  21:21:58

Interesting question, are the bright spokes reflections
or are they dispersions of the bright ring matter onto the other ring bands?
The matter composition of the outer bright ring must be different then if the spokes are dispersions since there is no visible bright spoke in that outer ring!

Hazy Ring of Titan's Sky
04-12-2009  16:58:59

The image of the outer atmosphere of Titan is amazingly brilliant with atmospheric depth and rotation visibly seen as being out of phase as the sun shines upon it.

A Shadow Amid the Storms
04-05-2009  19:26:05

A very interesting contrast in surreal and canvas-like textures.