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Sector 6

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Sliver of Saturn
04-12-2017  06:42:46

Beautiful description of the A, B, C, F ring. Oh no, the Cassini mission is coming to an end :( :( :(

Translucent Rings
12-20-2014  07:17:21

Dear Cassini team, first of all, sorry for my bad English. I have 4 questions about Saturn's ring:

1. How old is Saturn's ring? we know that it is formed probably 4 billion years ago, the same time as Saturn's formation, but the ring as we know now (the flat one), when does it formed?
2. Is Saturn's ring relatively stable (shepherd moons help stabilizing it?) or still actively changing and unpredictable?
3. Is it correct to say that Saturn's ring is the nebula for the formation of the Saturnian moons (Mimas, Enceladus)? Couple of months ago, a lump of thick material was observed in the edge of the ring. Where is that lump now? Is it still exist?
4. Among scientists and astronomers, which theory is the most favored about the ring formation? Is it from Saturn's nebula or from a destroyed Moon.

Many thanks for the beautiful updates!
The Day the Earth Smiled
11-15-2013  13:27:55

I wish I could see the same for Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune ...
The Story of Saturn's F Ring
04-24-2012  10:39:38

Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing!

High-Res Helene
07-16-2011  09:51:53

Wow, amazing gravity . . .

The Tallest Peaks
11-02-2010  07:01:05

looks like a giant speedboat just drive through the ring, leaving a giant splash! it's amazing how a small and rather slow moving moonlet/moon/whatever are able to make such disturbances

i have a question though, how far should we look to be able to see the individual boulders in the B ring? I guess the material that are splashed from the ring are tiny though, largest are probably 5-10 meter only?

Titan, Pallene, Dione and Rhea Rev 139 Raw Preview
11-01-2010  09:16:30

I think it's a coincident that it looks spherical. I don't think a small moon can be the that spherical, and considering Pallene is a shepherd moon, it probably has either a flying saucer-like shape, or an elongated egg-like shape... but i dunno

Enceladus, Tethys and Dione Rev 136 Raw Preview
08-15-2010  12:52:14

there's an interesting large circular cracks that goes through the big crater there on Tethys, wonder how does this form. Same formation with Mercury' carolis basin thing?

02-13-2010  01:33:40

Very excited, especially for Calypso flyby. I'm not really interested in Mimas flyby though, I always thought Mimas is a usual barren icy moon. But I guess Cassini will find something unique there.

I do hope Cassini planned for an extremely close flyby mission to Saturn's ring to observe the individual boulders that make up the ring, but who am I to wish such thing :))

Tethys Slips Behind Titan
01-15-2010  16:18:17

I wanted to know why does Titan orangish hue is not perfectly spherical around the edge of where Tethys is behind it (in the first image)

I don't think it's from the surface of Titan, probably there is some thickness differences around that area on the north, it seems that the bluish atmosphere is thicker than the orangish atmosphere on that side???? no??

Interesting image definitely ...

Thermal Runaway Model
12-11-2009  04:16:37

Very interesting, to think about it, it almost like Iapetus has 3 icy poles, the North icy pole, the South icy pole, and the trailing side icy pole :)

Northern Aurora in Motion
11-28-2009  05:58:57

Very beautiful little video. Thanks for showing this.

Enceladus "Rev 121" Flyby Raw Preview #7
11-22-2009  04:59:06

I try to understand this image by observing it upside down lol, it's a very alien landscape indeed..

Enceladus "Rev 121" Flyby Raw Preview #3
11-22-2009  04:51:56

Amazing, you can see the individual jets there on the left.

Towering Edge Waves Pop Into View
06-12-2009  12:10:11

Wow, amazing. imagine being close to the ring, watching it as a relatively flat surface, and as Daphnis pass, this mountain-like formation began to form ... NASA should make a visualization of this, would be extremely extremely extremely awesome.

Moon Shadow in Motion
03-24-2009  04:25:13

Can't wait for the next moons

Penelope on Tethys
01-30-2009  18:38:09

the craters doesn't seems to have a high rim yet it is kinda deep ...

Titan's Changing Lakes
01-30-2009  18:34:11

Interesting the the first real liquid lake is found in the polar area.