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Sector 6

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A Tectonic Feast
03-12-2013  00:47:23

This has to be my fav image. Keep up the great work!

Sunset on the Jets
03-12-2013  00:30:13

Love this view!

Enceladus Oct. 9, 2008 Flyby - Posted Image #3
10-17-2008  16:06:40

same spot in 2005:
10-17-2008  15:59:32

If Enc was the size of Earth (it's 1/25th of Earth), then the canyon would have to be 5000km (guessing that the one on Enc is 200km). Pretty impressive indeed :) I wonder how recent the little circles below the canyon were made?

Focus on Enceladus
10-17-2008  15:41:00

great image!