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A Subsurface Globe-Encompassing Watery Realm on Enceladus
09-12-2017  06:20:55

I will miss this old friend, because in these 20 years (and especially in the last 13 of course) Cassini was a friendly presence, the assurance that something good may come from the Mankind. Beyond stupid and meaningless divisions, beyond the hatred, motivated by as much idiotic reasons. Beyond the miserable greed.
Beyond all this there was Cassini, studying, searching, exploring. Cassini was the best of the best of the Mankind. A daily visit to Cyclops was a moment of enjoyment and relief.
So... farewell, my old friend.
With you it's been one hell of a ride.

Titan and Dione
12-22-2011  15:24:04

Dear Friends, is time to put a Facebook button to share these wonders immediately.
It is quite absurd that one must copy and paste a link to make his friends know about these incredible pictures!
Merry Christmas and splendid new year to you all!

Sergio (Italy)

Saturn 'Rev 142' Raw Preview #1
01-14-2011  19:45:43

W H O W !!!
Stunning job!

Northern Aurora in Motion
11-28-2009  03:31:32

this is the second who have never seen Earth's aurora speaking.
This images and motion pictures are GREAT!
I logged in to ask which is the sequences timeframe length, but Peter wrote here that it is 81 hours and there are 472 images. Is this correct ?
If so, where can I get the whole images set ?
Thanks in advance.

Shadow South of Another
09-28-2009  16:45:52

Spectacular. Impressive and fascinating the shadow of the rings. Also the faintness of the light reflected by the rings gives me the idea of how much thin they are.

Anthe's Faint Arc
09-07-2008  16:26:42

Why this image is so noisy after a digital clean-up process ?
Could be possible to see the "darks" of the CCDs ?
I knew that in the deep space the environmental operational conditions are the best possible for CCDs, aren't they ?
The temperature is the coldest that it can be ever obtainable for the CCDs, the background is the darker that one could only hope to see in a whole life... Can you tell me something ?
Thanks in advance for any precious information about.
However is a great image.

Do you have published a collection of "darks" somewhere on the site, just to play with "cleaning" mathematics ?

Baghdad and Cairo Sulci on Enceladus
08-15-2008  05:10:45

Fantastic job folks. Just if possible put the scale in every image.
It is so much more impressive to realiza the true dimensions of details. For instance, the Cairo Sulci is an average of 1/1,5 Kilometer large and almost the same in depth. Big! Seeing the scale is very helpful.

The North Polar Region of Enceladus
03-23-2008  16:01:32

Hi folks. This is only to highlight that you should revise the CSS styles that rule the table in which the comments list are shown, because all comments longer that 2 rows can't be read into my browser.
The third line has gone.
Leave the table cells free to resize in height.
Thanks is advance