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Sector 6

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Ten Years Ago Today ...
06-30-2014  22:19:22

Thank you, Dr. Porco, for sharing your passion and wonder for all things Cassini. You have made this adventure at Saturn come alive for me and countless others in a way no one else possibly could have. I can't wait to read the eventual book that you've hinted at before and absolutely must write, please!!!

Looking Over Dione's Wisps
11-15-2010  07:04:34

Are new pictures now only added every Monday, rather than every weekday? Is this permanent or temporary? Is it related to the end of the Equinox mission and the beginning of the Solstice mission? Anybody know anything?

The Tallest Peaks
11-01-2010  15:22:12

This is ridiculously awesome!
A Story of Saturn's Rings
11-01-2010  14:59:12

Congratulations! Great work!!

The Rite of Spring
10-12-2010  09:53:38

Why not accompany this release with a version that doesn't have the rings artificially brightened? I understand that they would be practically invisible, but it would provide a different perspective on a familiar planet, as well as a picture of what we would have seen had we been looking out Cassini's "windows" at that particular place in space and time.
Just a thought/wish.

Clear Skies on Titan
11-20-2009  13:14:13

This description makes it sound like there are certain times and places on Titan where Saturn would be visible through the clouds. Can someone on CICLOPS confirm this? I've been wondering since most images of Titan's surface that I come across show Saturn in the sky, and it seemed very unlikely to me. It would definitely be awesome if true, though!

A Pair of Shepherds
09-28-2009  17:50:39

Isn't that Daphnis in the a-ring gap, too?

Eyes on the Rings
10-18-2008  16:16:39

Awesome picture.
I wanted to share this cool Saturn shirt I saw on the Bad Astronomy blog. Check it out:

Mimas Adrift
09-26-2008  11:00:16

Thank you for another beautiful, natural color picture.
I have questions with regard to the cost of this mission, and I'm hoping that Carolyn or somebody else who's knowledgeable could answer.
Cassini's page on Wikipedia states a total cost of $3.26 billion, with the U.S. paying $2.6 billion of that. I'm assuming this was the cost through the end of the primary mission, and am wondering how much the two year extension is projected to cost. I'm also wondering what time period that money was spent over, so I could break out an average yearly cost. It would be even more helpful if someone could point me to a place that shows how much money was in fact spent on this mission in each fiscal year.
I remember in a Cosmos episode when Sagan explained the cost of the Voyager probes per person. I would like to have, or figure out, similar numbers for this mission, as I think it's an excellent way to show people that they're getting far more for their money than they might think.
Any info or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Keep It Rolling
08-28-2008  13:19:30

I especially love these natural color views of Saturn. A quick question - why aren't they all in color? Thanks.

Feeling Gravity's Pull
08-28-2008  13:17:37

peel back the mountains, peel back the sky

Saturn's Subtle Spectrum
08-04-2008  20:40:22

Thanks for the info, Carolyn, and thanks to you and your team for taking these wonderful images and sharing them with us.
08-02-2008  11:30:27

Does anyone know if there are any prints/posters of this image available to buy? It's my favorite from the mission, so far.