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Sector 6

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A Great Northern Storm
07-06-2011  13:19:59

Can we see movies of this system? You might have some very long sequences of the storm's head, that would be very cool.

Beneath Titan's Veil
04-17-2007  18:12:28

Morning to dark on Titan would average 7.97 earth days, but it would vary with season and latitude.

In Saturn's Shadow - the Pale Blue Dot
01-12-2007  01:09:04

>What I'm wondering is why isn't Saturn itself completely black?
>Is it transparent, glowing from within, or do the rings reflect
>light towards the "surface"?

It's illuminated by the rings. Currently the north side of the rings are in sunlight, so the northern half of Saturn is better illuminated. Also the equator of Saturn only sees the edge of the rings, so it's dark.