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Scanning the Rings
Dave Gallagher      
06-15-2009  09:27:32

As I'm sure is the case for most or all of us who frequent this site, I derive a great deal of inspiration from the imagery we're pulling back from the Saturn system. It gives me perspective at times when worldly ("Earthly") pursuits and troubles could cause me to otherwise lose my bearings.

As I was looking for inside information on the current (as I post) election turmoil in Iran, I came upon the postings of this Twitter user:

At least as of today, the background for that page is one of the grand views of the Rings. It's uplifting to realize that even those in the most troubled circumstances can find inspiration of their own from the same images that delight us daily.

At Last ... 'Star Trek' Opens!
Dave Gallagher      
05-12-2009  14:37:06

The Enterprise rising from Titan in front of Saturn and her rings in all their glory gave me goosebumps. Even though I was expecting it (based on spoilers here and elsewhere), it still took my breath away. If you have to sell your first born to afford an IMAX ticket for this film, do so. Mine understood.

Toward Morning
Dave Gallagher      
01-24-2007  18:11:45

This image, subtle and unintrusive, makes ideal computer desktop wallpaper. The darkness at the edges provides perfect contrast for desktop icons in XP, Vista, and OS X. Set it, get back to work, and when it's time for a breather just hide your apps and you're flung back into orbit.