CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS

Sector 6

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We Came. We Saw. It's Done.
09-15-2017  11:34:28

Captain Carolyn, I cannot thank you enough for keeping us updated on the Cassini Mission the last 20 or so years! Within that time so much has been discovered in the Saturnian system by Cassini and so much has happened on our pale blue dot! Thanks to your diligence with keeping us updated on Cassini, I've been able to share your posts with my 11 year old twin boys who have marveled at the images that have been transmitted by Cassini. Also, we really enjoyed the PBS specials on the Voyager probes and especially the mini-doc, "Second Genesis". We will pay tribute to Cassini tonight by watching "Death Dive to Saturn" on NOVA. I find myself thinking back to all the controversy over Cassini's launch and the unfounded fear that somehow Cassini would explode in the atmosphere spewing radiation. Along with exploration comes danger and the unknown yet what an ROI the citizens of Earth have received over all that has been learned by the Cassini Mission. My family and friends will always support NASA and scientific research. It really is up to us to lean on our representatives to expand funding for NASA, the NSF and other agencies doing science for the good of humanity.

As this final chapter plays out, the title of the final ST TNG episode comes to mind, All Good Things...