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Ten Years Ago Today ...
Roy Miranda      
07-09-2014  07:04:05

Dear Carolyn Porco,
I logged on to your site from the NASA Daily Digest site, what an amazing person you are, your way of expression, in putting Billions of countless words into a few words of covering what you want to get across as information, just brilliant.
I am just blown away with your article on Saturn, I writing to you from a place called Bujumbura, Burundi, right in the heart of Africa, where things move slow and easy and everyone tries not to draw to much sweat with anything, the sun comes up at 6am and goes down at 6pm, we are in Tarzanís home, just the way the world should look, hardly any pollution and green jungles and abundance of fresh water lakes.
Reading your articles and looking out of the window is weird feeling, you taking us round Saturn and here I am sitting looking out the window and the people outside have not been to the next little village 5miles down the road. No electricity for hours some days and we off to Saturn mind blowing.
Keep up the exploration; I just cannot imagine what the next 10 years is going to bring about.