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Sector 6

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The Day the Earth Smiled: Sneak Preview
07-23-2013  05:36:31

btw, thanks to the all the team and you Capt Carolyn. :)
07-23-2013  05:31:28

Spectacular! Breathtaking!! Just one question, why is the "sky" blue rather than black? It shows how small we are in the scheme of things, and that "we are" is a miracle.

At Last ... 'Star Trek' Opens!
07-29-2009  10:43:50

As a person that would make sure I was at home for the original series of Star Trek (no recording devices at that time of course), I was apprehensive about going to see this flick. Was scared they would miss the ideology of Star Trek and concentrate on major conflict scenes and graphics. I was so pleased when I finally decided to go. Leonard Nemoy was a complete surprise. I had no idea he was in it. Guess I should have come here but didn't, see the above reason for not seeing the movie. Anyway, just loved it!

Pale Blue Orb
12-30-2007  20:55:34

Favourite image! Next one is with the three moons in a row looking at Saturn's rings straight on.

The Beauty of Her Veil
10-29-2007  10:09:45

I am not amused... or impressed. In fact, I am really angry with you.
10-26-2007  10:23:38

It is so beautiful that it doesn't look real. What a capture! Way to go.