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Sector 6

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Dione on a Diagonal
Ed Rolko      
01-30-2012  14:44:00

Wow great resolution, what a shot!
A Story of Saturn's Rings
Ed Rolko      
11-01-2010  15:00:32

Thank goodness the mission was extended, I was a little worried about funding with the way things are now days. Many thanks to all of you for maintaining such an informative website.

Prometheus Popping in 3-D
Ed Rolko      
02-19-2010  09:11:05

I knew I kept those Subway freebee 3D glasses made for an episode of "Chuck" for something! The image really does look good with them! More please!

Mimas "Rev 126" Flyby Raw Preview #1
Ed Rolko      
02-15-2010  13:00:40

Oh that is sooooo slick! This image rocks!

The Rite of Spring
Ed Rolko      
09-21-2009  13:02:51

There ya have it, yet another home run from Cassini!

Youthful Wrinkles
Ed Rolko      
10-05-2008  13:11:12

Wrinkles in different directions, wrinkles that curve, a boundary by the craters, how can that be ??? I get fired up by images like this.

Depth of Field
Ed Rolko      
09-28-2007  11:47:18

At first I couldn't find Prometheus, until I adjusted my display contrast and brightness settings to a higher level. Now I really appreciate what a great image this is.

Odd World
Ed Rolko      
07-04-2007  20:51:24

Wow that's a detailed image. To me it sounds like the 62,000 Km distance was really cutting it close, but the shot speaks for itself. I can't believe the beating that little moon took. Bravo again!

Bent Spoke
Ed Rolko      
03-07-2007  14:04:47

I often wonder if the alternating heating and cooling of the ring particles as they transition the sunlight and shade causes a type of "rogue wave" effect in the rings. Or, if Saturns magnetic field is slightly "off axis", I'm thinking along the line of like Earth having "north" and "magnetic north", and also I wish I knew if the magnetic field ever "flips". Could any of these be possible contributing factors to the formation of spokes? I sure do wish I knew!!!

Toward Morning
Ed Rolko      
01-23-2007  13:07:24

Now play with the contrast and brightness on your display and see what you will see !!!

Sixty-Four Scenes From Saturn
Ed Rolko      
01-23-2007  12:50:06

MPEG is the right choice for quality and resolution. Let's all be thankful this project was even done, and is still available now. The video was obviously done by volunteers on "their own time", and is completely wonderful despite having to be disassociated with the Beatles for legal reasons. ..........don't like the Beatles???, ...want mongs??? ...there's always Justin Timberlake or Jessica Simpson.

Act of Creation
Ed Rolko      
01-18-2007  11:05:59

Thanks a bunch for the info Chris, it's good to learn even the small stuff! That was a good question Sfair, Thank You too, ......... Ed
Ed Rolko      
01-15-2007  07:00:30

sfair - The identifier that accompanies the daily image appears to be a designator followed by a sequence number, possibly to denote that the image is meant for release to the general public, and not intended for scientific study. Cheers, ....Ed

A Sight to Behold
Ed Rolko      
01-01-2007  20:14:17

This would still be a great "shot" even without Titan in the backround. The illusion of extreme density is impressive when viewing the rings from almost "edge on".

Saturnian Squiggles
Ed Rolko      
01-01-2007  19:54:27

Great resolution in this image, many small details are visible. Look close, thank goodness for infrared.

In Saturn's Shadow - the Pale Blue Dot
Ed Rolko      
01-01-2007  19:22:19

Images like this, in my opinion, alone justify the cost of the mission. This one easily ranks up there with (or beats) some of the best Hubble images.

Death Star at Saturn
Ed Rolko      
01-01-2007  18:49:42

Watch this fun little movie when you need a "pick me up" after a tough day at work in Sector 3, and your woes will be blasted to bits! I have yet to see someone watch this movie and not smile. A real favorite, and we get to keep the soundtrack!!!

Titan Twilight
Ed Rolko      
01-01-2007  18:24:07

Simple yet Stunningly gorgeous, and painted with oil!