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Sector 6

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Saturn Storm Rev 142 Raw Preview
12-28-2010  09:27:28

The impact on jupiter showed a more pronounced shape because the fragments of comet hit the upper layers of Jupiter's atmosphere. The 'cloud' of debris didn't resemble this picture because the winds of Jupiter didn't sweep the debris cloud as the winds of Saturn are sweeping this 'storm'. Could it be a belch from Saturn's innards rather than an actual storm?

Targeting the Jet Sources
08-15-2008  08:37:09

The mosaic sort of reveals the moon as being frozen. Not as drastic as Europa, but a chilly place none the less. Excellent images people!

Scratches on Dione
11-30-2007  13:54:20

What could have formed these canyons? Is there a different chemical composition in the canyons as compared to the surrounding areas? Another excellent view of a world needing to be explored further. =)

Solar System in Miniature
11-30-2007  13:50:27

These images are so breathtaking. Our future children are in for a treat once they can travel themselves to explore these fantastic worlds. =)

The Other Side of Iapetus
10-11-2007  16:31:59

Must have other snapshots of all moons in our solar system like this one.... ^^

Can you believe how many moons humans have to explore?! Just wait until we get up there and running all around in our solar zippers, flying from one end of the system to the next. Next 100 years look out. Humans have escaped!

Exploring the Wetlands of Titan
10-10-2007  14:07:09

data garbage maybe... stuff on the lens. =/

Love the zoom in on the landscape. Excellent imagery taken by the best satellite out there. =)

Has the huygens probe disappeared completely within the Titan terrain? Or can it still be seen from above? That would be awesome to image it sitting on the surface, drinking a cool glass of liquid methane. =b