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Sector 6

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Rhea 'Rev 183' Raw Preview #6
03-28-2013  12:28:55

...quite the "looker"

Rhea Before Titan
02-13-2012  06:54:11

another beauty

Welcome Disruption
01-09-2012  16:42:03

they just keep getting better and better

Holiday Treats ... from Us to You
12-29-2011  01:09:06

Thank you - Merry Christmas

Dione Rev 158 Raw Preview
12-15-2011  00:35:31

Once again the imaging team has produced some pretty amazing pictures.

In, Around, Beyond Rings
10-24-2011  10:00:00

Coolest picture yet!

East of Huygens
09-26-2011  13:35:34


Enceladus 'Rev 153' Raw Preview #1
09-21-2011  08:15:35

Open the pod bay doors Hal. I'm hearing that music again!

Hyperion 'Rev 152' Raw Preview #1
08-27-2011  10:06:20

It IS a sponge - loaded with frozen dishwater. That was my claim back in '05 and I'm sticking to it.

Rhea 'Rev 143' Raw Preview #4
01-13-2011  18:09:46

Ah yes, we are seeing it "upside down" so to speak. The harder edged delineating line is the nearer rim of the crater and the ink splotches near the bottom left of center are shadows being cast by features inside the crater. If you rotate the image 90 degrees counterclockwise it makes a lot more sense.
01-13-2011  13:44:49

The description says this is an image of Saturn? It appears the diagonal slash is a portion which has been "stretched" to give the illusion of looking straight down on this area. Either that or the picture was taken with the Escher-cam.

Rhea 'Rev 143' Raw Preview #5
01-13-2011  11:07:40

Whooo-e-e-e-e! APOD time! Totally awesome picture. This one belongs on the cover of a magazine.

Saturn Storm Rev 142 Raw Preview
12-28-2010  21:15:25

I'm not an expert on these things so listen close cuz I'm going to give you the true scoop on this. Saturn has burped. I've heard that deep down inside Jupiter there is some stuff called "metallic hydrogen". Can you imagine what that would be like? Well, neither can I, so that's proof enough for me.
12-27-2010  18:09:53

Open the Pod Bay doors Hal... that thing might be full of stars!

Enceladus Rev 142 Raw Preview
12-24-2010  15:24:26

I actually had a dream about Enceladus just a couple of nights ago. It seems a mysterious "sonic resonance" was detected by observers on Earth as well as by the team at the outpost on Enceladus. Yes, they heard it too!

Hyperion Rev 141 Raw Preview
11-29-2010  13:18:43

I'd say we're out of safe mode ;-)

Looking Over Dione's Wisps
11-15-2010  14:52:26

Personally, I really miss the daily "Latest Sight" images. They keep me in touch with the Cassini program of exploration much better than once a week images and/or email alerts. For several years now, visiting Saturn has been a part of my daily life. This has been the first website I would visit each morning and I have learned a great deal and collected each of the images for my Cassini screensaver. But I also understand someone (probably Professor Porco herself) has to take the time to select, post and comment on the images but I feel it is a very worthwhile undertaking.
Le Sacre du Printemps
10-22-2010  20:55:02

Cap'n Carolyn must be on shore leave after accepting her award.

Conjoined Moons
09-24-2010  08:19:40


Dione Rev 137 Raw Preview
09-04-2010  21:47:34

These are beautiful! Taken on September 4, 2010 and received on Earth September 4, 2010 and seen by me on September 4, 2010. I can remember when I would have had to wait a couple of months to see only one or two of these in the magazines of the time.

Activity Past Dark Side
08-24-2010  07:37:07


Enceladus "Rev 136" Raw Preview #5
08-24-2010  07:34:44

That's what I thought too. That we are looking right down a plum of venting water vapor. Is that the case or is the brightening an albedo feature on the surface? Hope someone on the imaging team can verify that one way or the other.

Shadow Before Equinox
08-20-2010  07:17:24

Who's been keeping this one from us?

Enceladus "Rev 131" Flyby Raw Preview #7
05-23-2010  15:36:53

I have to admit I am a little confused about exactly what I am seeing in this image. Maybe the viewing geometry could be explained a little. Where is the terminator, the limb, the horizon, the Sun? The black portion at the bottom almost appears to be a separate object with the surface of Enceladus receding above it.
05-19-2010  19:34:21

Imaging Team! You have done it again! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Pan's Effects
03-31-2010  12:29:01

very nice

Cratered Spud
03-19-2010  11:42:11

The Best yet of Prometheus. Be-A-Yu-tiful

Widening Rings
03-18-2010  13:38:09

nice nice nice

Calypso "Rev 126" Flyby Raw Preview #1
02-15-2010  23:08:12

Calypso is actually quite beautiful in this image.

02-11-2010  17:37:31

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be looking forward to this.

Prometheus "Rev 125" Flyby Raw Preview
02-03-2010  08:16:24

An unusual camera angle. The images from December are far more definitive of Prometheus' true shape.

Special Holiday Raw Preview #3
12-30-2009  12:34:24

The definitive portrait of Prometheus (so far)
12-29-2009  04:56:28

This one is on the desktop

Special Holiday Raw Preview #1
12-30-2009  12:27:56


Special Holiday Raw Preview!
12-29-2009  04:59:18

Speechless! These are really great pictures. Thanks so much Captain Carolyn and the Crew.

Cassini's Holiday Greetings!
12-25-2009  12:07:28

I saw the musical version at the NASA site and was charmed. Merry Christmas to Captain Caroline and everyone on the imaging team. You guys have really given us a great year at Saturn. Thanks!

Dichotomies on Iapetus
12-19-2009  15:15:41

It all started when Venus' atmosphere began to go greenhouse. Many of the humans escaped to the next planet. They called it Earth. But one of the spacecraft missed Earth and traveled for many many years, finally arriving at the Saturn system and crashing on Enceladus. The survivors burrowed beneath the surface and began to send out a distress signal. They knew the other humans would be drawn it when their explorations took them to Saturn because it adhered to the three tenets of the ancient Venusian code; "Follow the Water. Don't be fooled by fluorocarbons. (And don't you eat that yellow snow!)"

Shadow and Spokes
11-30-2009  10:08:35

This one gets the award for longest shadow cast on rings by a small moon on 999

Enceladus "Rev 121" Flyby Raw Preview #4
11-27-2009  13:37:44

Images #3 & #4 are like scenes you might expect from a science fiction movie except nobody has yet dreamed up anything as good as this... and this is real.

Northern Aurora in Motion
11-25-2009  13:35:31

...and I thought I was the only one who had never seen Earth's aurora
11-24-2009  23:18:30

There seems to be no end to the surprises coming from Saturn (and from the Imaging Team)

Enceladus Rev 121 Flyby Raw Preview
11-22-2009  00:47:37

Just when I think it can't get much better. The Imaging Team really outdid themselves this time. Especially #3 & #4.

Enceladus "Rev 121" Flyby Raw Preview #6
11-22-2009  00:38:51

Seems the lighting conditions are much more definitive here than the Skeet Shoot

Enceladus "Rev 121" Flyby Raw Preview #5
11-22-2009  00:32:35

Ice Cream

Enceladus Rev 120 Flyby Raw Preview
11-03-2009  09:54:18

Yay Imaging Team! Good job.

Enceladus "Rev 120" Flyby Raw Preview #4
11-02-2009  22:22:14

Reminds me of LCROSS

Pulchritudinous Perturbations
10-09-2009  06:21:39

F-a-a-a-a-a-ntastic Picture. The best yet!

A Pair of Shepherds
09-28-2009  16:24:20

one of the best yet...

Edge Wave Shadows
09-17-2009  00:33:02

Sorry... dumb question... Encke Gap... Pan... edge waves... duh
09-14-2009  10:31:30

Along the outside edge of the Encke gap (above Daphnis in the image) there appear to be smaller vertical features casting shadows similarly. Is there an explanation for this?

Dione's Ring Shadow Premiere
09-11-2009  10:15:44

Did it take long to find me
I ask the faithful light
Ooh did it take long to find me

Wide Shadow of Janus
09-09-2009  11:38:29

all my teeth, north and south

Crater View
09-08-2009  15:11:46

very very nice picture of Janus

Small Moon Shadow
09-07-2009  12:02:55

leapin' and hoppin' on a moon shadow

Long Shadow, Short Shadow
09-04-2009  11:56:00

Nice, very nice. This one really conveys a feeling of "being there".

Complex Edge Waves
09-02-2009  12:54:31

The best one yet. innnnnn - credible

Equinox Arrives!
08-24-2009  14:34:53

PeterDarmady: I am one American who feels the same. Sometimes I think NASA is the only good thing left. But can NASA save the United States?
08-13-2009  17:49:32

All this and more for six tenths of one percent of the total national budget. This is the sort of stuff great nations undertake. Thank you J.F.K. for having the vision to set us on this course.
08-13-2009  02:43:39

Thank You Imaging Team for the early preview of these very special images.

Anticipation Builds as Equinox Draws Near
08-08-2009  15:49:27

Only three more shopping days.

Shadow Reaches A Ring
08-08-2009  15:42:28

This on gets a big long W-o-o-o-W and a ten. Good stuff!

Shadows in the F ring
08-08-2009  15:37:49

ok - So here's the image I thought I had missed. Seems likely this could be a transitory clump of material rather than a solid object, perhaps created by a earlier swing-by of Prometheus.

Punching through the F Ring
08-08-2009  15:30:52

Amazing! I must have missed the earlier PIA11663 - "Shadows in the F ring" image. But it's not hard for me to imagine that these objects would have inclined orbits. Seems there are many possible scenarios to explain it.

A Small Find near Equinox
08-08-2009  15:20:28

I didn't think we wound find moonlets embedded in the rings. And the edge of the ring is looking very rugged. I don't think we've seen that before.

Shadow and Streamer-Channels
08-07-2009  08:03:46

very cool ;-)

Atlas' Ring Shadow Premiere
08-05-2009  13:01:43

Yeah Atlas! Welcome to the club!

Sawtooth Shadows
07-30-2009  11:06:07

Once again - the wild and wily waves of dainty daughter Daphnis effecting ever elongating eclipses.

Shadow in the Cassini Division
07-22-2009  07:45:37

Sublime Shades and Shadow

Engulfing a Gap
07-20-2009  16:45:22

Great Glooming Gap Engulfers Batman - this one's a ten

Prometheus' Trail
07-14-2009  12:21:34

follow the breadcrumbs

Bright Duo
07-08-2009  10:36:42

Took a while to figure out the viewing geometry on this one. Nice picture!

Shadow of Saucer-Shaped Moon
07-06-2009  13:10:33

very cool picture ;-)

Exposing a Shadow
06-26-2009  15:55:47

you mean - (over)exposing a Shadow

Towering Edge Waves Pop Into View
06-12-2009  16:31:41

These pictures are absolutely incredible. I have been watching the shadowpix with great interest but these latest are a giant leap. This has caused a major overloading of my Wowmeter. And it's only going to get better in the months to come. So much to look forward to. I'm sure you've got some great images planned for the equinox! Man! This is really exciting! Congratulations to all of you there. You... are... appreciated!
06-12-2009  01:30:37

WOW! I mean WOW!!!

The Dance of the Moon Shadows
03-24-2009  00:34:06

The next several months will provide us with some great images.

High Clouds Aloft
02-17-2009  14:22:12

Whoa! Very cool picture ;-)

11-20-2008  13:44:52

100! There are only 10 types of golfers in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

Enceladus Rev 91 Flyby
10-30-2008  04:39:23

This is a marvelous description of the science activities during the flyby. Thanks so much, Caroline. Can't wait to see the images.

Profile of Janus
08-14-2008  17:01:29

Definitely a 10!

Skeet Shooting Enceladus
08-13-2008  16:15:34

Congratulations Captain Carolyn - great pictures!

Lighthouse Moon
04-14-2008  16:33:05


Pan in View
01-24-2008  16:10:57

This one gets a 10 on the WOWMeter!!!!!!!!!!

Icy Emanations
06-04-2007  18:39:43

trying to figure out the viewing geometry of these pictures can sometimes drive me nuts... if we knew the exact time the picture was taken we could use the solar system simulator to verify our guesses... but I think you are correct... Saturn is to the left... or... Enceladus is silhouetted against the dark side of Saturn and is illuminated on the left by *ringshine*

Emergent Moons
05-23-2007  20:50:55

I thought I saw a third moon out there beyond the f-ring... maybe it's a bad pixel

Saturnian Psychedelia
01-19-2007  19:01:22

Psychedelia - now you're talkin'