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At Last ... 'Star Trek' Opens!
06-11-2009  18:48:33

Saw the movie a couple of weeks ago, Excellent! as a fan of the 60s series
and ONLY of the 60s series, the movie lived up to all of my expectations.
As the owner of a 1967 mustang I empathize with Harry, too bad about the corvette.
I don't wish to nitpick about accuracy either but it's 200 hundred
years into the future, where the hell are the seatbelts? I'm not here to just
comment on the movie, I also would like to petition that Carolyn, be given a
part in the next movie and with a speaking part. King Abdullah II of Jordan
had a part with lines in a " ST Next Generation" episode, the King of Jordan
does not have the cred Carolyn does. My pick for her character would be the
part of T'Pol, if not T'Pol then maybe a science officer on board a Romulan

Clear Skies on Titan
02-14-2007  18:06:41

This type of painting must have inspired the SCI-FI movies like "Pitch Black"