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A Day to Celebrate the Pale Blue Dot
Louise Sharples      
07-19-2013  16:16:25

OK, have just returned from pointing my flashlight at Saturn (I'm in the UK - on the night-side). My arms are tired, my hair is full of midges, and I'm thirsty. In order words, I had a great bonding session with Cassini. :-) Hope my 2-watt LED flashlight didn't exceed ISS-NAC's brightness limits. ;-)

Lou. xx

Rounding the Corner
Louise Sharples      
08-04-2007  20:03:41

Does "driven outward from the arc by electromagnetic forces" mean that the dust-sized particles are electrically-charged? I got the impression from the original press release that plasma forced the particles out (although the release doesn't say how, I thought it might be due to ram-pressure from the gas).

Sixty-Four Scenes From Saturn
Louise Sharples      
01-11-2007  13:21:07

I think this presentation would be better served as a Flash animation instead of an MPEG video.

My mother used to talk about The Beatles all the time (she was born and grew up in Liverpool) but I personally can't see the attraction -- they look and sound like mongs to me. ;-))))

In Saturn's Shadow - the Pale Blue Dot
Louise Sharples      
01-11-2007  12:58:27

Lost for words...

gandraw: the rings reflect sunlight onto the nightside of Saturn.