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Sector 6

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Up, Up and Away!
07-19-2012  07:15:45

Amazing how much we can see now, and how people take these new scientific results granted. Just the other day I was talking to family about the similarities between Titan and Earth, and they did not seem surprised at all. And I was like, do you realize that all this has been revealed in the past few years, through the images and measurements taken by a spacecraft that is still in operation? If it wasn't for Cassini, we still wouldn't know more than Saturn has some kind of rings around it.

Personally, I think history is being written here :)

As for the polar storms and caps on Titan, it's another fascinating discovery! I'm curious to see what develops.

Ring Moons' Effects
05-14-2012  13:53:40

I notice this was taken a year ago. Makes me wonder, how many images does Cassini transmit a day? Is each and every one of them cataloged, analyzed, and captioned before release? Or do some of them get discarded due to bad quality or any other reason?

I like this one (well, all the ring images, in fact) very much. I'm absolutely in love with the rings and I'm trying to find out as much as possible about them. As much as I can comprehend, that is... :) What does it take, besides experience, obviously, to tell what a gap or wave or any disturbance in a pattern may indicate? It blows my mind every time I look at an image like this, that there are people who can even guess how those tiny ripples came to be. For now I'm happy if I can tell the rings apart :)

Enceladus and Dione Rev 165 Raw Preview
05-07-2012  13:08:16

Aw, no more Enceladus for a while :-( Can't wait for the May 22 Titan flyby though! Thanks for sharing these images. They are beautiful and breathtakingly detailed. To think how close the spacecraft was to these bodies, and to think how far it is from us... Mind-boggling!
Golf Sector 6
05-07-2012  12:36:20

OK I figured it out. I'd like to file a complaint! I was aiming away merrily on Hyperion, when all of a sudden (well, quite slowly actually but that doesn't sound dramatic enough) Saturn glided into view, rings ahead, and the beautiful sight distracted me so much that I, jaw dropped, hit the ball so hard that I'm afraid it's gonna break something on New Horizons.

I love the Superman-like way the golfer leaves a moon :)
05-07-2012  12:19:38

No idea what I'm doing, but it's fun! :)