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Sector 6

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Enceladus 'Rev 223' Raw Preview #5
Iapetus Monolith      
10-15-2015  17:06:09

Correction: the cracks (if that's what they are) indicate illumination roughly from W. I still don't get it.
Iapetus Monolith      
10-15-2015  17:03:58

Confusing shadows. The craters indicate illumination from NNW; the cracks indicate illumination roughly from E. How is this possible? Two light sources?

Enceladus 'Rev 223' Raw Preview #3
Iapetus Monolith      
10-15-2015  16:58:38

OMG - look at that 'cross-hatched' pattern in the largest crater's floor! What caused it? Shrinkage in two directions? Stretching in two directions? Subsidence? Stunning image!

Enceladus 'Rev 223' Raw Preview #2
Iapetus Monolith      
10-15-2015  16:49:59

Wow - this image is breathtaking! What are those striations running through the craters? Fault lines? Folds? What are the approximate crater diameters?

Colorful Colossuses and Changing Hues
Iapetus Monolith      
08-30-2012  05:50:51

I go weak in the presence of beauty ... awestruck!

Enceladus 'Rev 153' Raw Preview #6
Iapetus Monolith      
09-19-2011  06:45:03

What I like about this image is that, on the limb in the 1 o'clock position, you can so clearly see the U-shaped profile of the crack. Groovy!

Enceladus 'Rev 153' Raw Preview #3
Iapetus Monolith      
09-19-2011  06:31:49

Lots of noise in the dark background. Is that all due to cosmic rays?

Enceladus 'Rev 153' Raw Preview #1
Iapetus Monolith      
09-19-2011  06:29:21

A Kubrick coefficient approaching 1.0
Iapetus Monolith      
09-19-2011  06:27:32

Love the alignment! What's the other moon?

High-Res Helene
Iapetus Monolith      
08-26-2011  13:45:58

Dear Helene, how did you get to be such a smoothie? Dear Ciclops, again you take my breath away ... you people are worth your weight in gold.

Craters Before Haze
Iapetus Monolith      
08-26-2011  13:39:44

Wouldn't it be artistically and scientifically amazing in colour!

Hyperion 'Rev 152' Raw Preview #1
Iapetus Monolith      
08-26-2011  13:33:25

To me, the lighter parts are rather reminiscent of what we Brits refer to as 'buttered crumpet' (see The darker parts are like an extremely airy chocolate mousse! John: 'love' seems too strong an emotion for me in relation to a frigid lump of tumbling dirty slush, but I definitely regard this as the Solar System's most mouth-watering natural satellite! Despite the huge number of impacts, the surface around the craters seems surprisingly smooth (almost clay-like in the darker regions). Hence my comparison with chocolate. And the surface material is clearly of low density. Ciclops boffins: What are the current theories on the origin and composition of this tasty little morsel?

Bright Moons, Dark Planet
Iapetus Monolith      
07-06-2011  16:37:13

Unbeatable ... until some fortunate pioneer-voyager actually views such a scene through her/his spaceship window ... dream on!

Beyond Southern Rhea
Iapetus Monolith      
06-25-2011  06:47:55

Stunning! Which ring forms the dark line across Dione? And what is that slightly thicker 'blob' in the foremost arc of that same ring, just to the right of Dione's western limb?

Enceladus 'Rev 142' Raw Preview #1
Iapetus Monolith      
12-21-2010  17:59:36

What's the current thinking on why Enceladus is only spewing ice particles from fissures near the south pole? What makes this area unique?

Oscillations at B Ring Edge
Iapetus Monolith      
11-30-2010  19:01:31

The record's warped!

The Tallest Peaks
Iapetus Monolith      
11-30-2010  18:58:47

Even though my head is cosmic, I'm having difficulty getting it around this image: what are those white diagonal striations (resembling asbestos fibres) and how come they are almost perpendicular to the shadows?

Looming Enceladus
Iapetus Monolith      
11-30-2010  18:36:59

A stunning image. My first thought on seeing it: "How Stanley Kubrick would have loved it!" The droids who are cutting your mission budget must have faulty CPU's. You should be given a blank cheque for providing humankind with such amazing service. If I were a rich man, I would blow it all on you!

Spring Unveils Saturn's Hexagon
Iapetus Monolith      
12-09-2009  15:33:54

What size hex key would fit snugly in there?

"Give me an Allen wrench large enough ... and I shall stop the gas giant" -- mechanical engineer with delusions of grandeur (with apologies to Archimedes)

The Rite of Spring
Iapetus Monolith      
09-23-2009  04:08:27

The 'mosaic of light and dark' (PIA 11997) is majestic and humbling. This star child can only gaze in silent awe, profoundly thankful to have been born on this unique planet, in this unique era, with such talented experts working for his delight. Space is big ... very big. If only my screen were, too!

Saturn Equinox Raw Preview #3
Iapetus Monolith      
08-13-2009  08:20:22

... the luckiest bunch of homo sapiens on this planet - what I wouldn't give to be on the team!
Iapetus Monolith      
08-13-2009  08:12:05

Breathtaking - cosmic geometry at its most stunning! The Imaging Team is

Equinox Arrives!
Iapetus Monolith      
08-13-2009  08:16:53

I couldn't agree more with my fellow members' comments: the Imaging Team rule - Lords of the Rings! Can'[t wait to see the processed versions in full colour ...

Saturn Equinox Raw Preview #1
Iapetus Monolith      
08-13-2009  08:07:52

Arc de Triomphe! A fine line if ever I saw one, exactly marking the Saturnian equator, I assume. If only we could all be seeing this right now through a spaceship window - that would be tripping!

Punching through the F Ring
Iapetus Monolith      
08-08-2009  06:18:21

An extraordinary and dramatic image - congratulations to the imaging team! It is indeed hard to think of an explanation other than that of an object in an inclined orbit punching through the ring system. Have objects in such strongly inclined orbits previously been identified? How are we to account for the inclination: are such objects of extraneous origin, captured by Saturn's gravitational field?

Towering Edge Waves Pop Into View
Iapetus Monolith      
06-22-2009  13:04:35

Bizarre, like a magnified LP groove - how would the Perturbed Rings of Saturn sound if played at "thirty-three and a third"!

Across Resplendent Rings
Iapetus Monolith      
06-22-2009  12:59:55

Out of sight, literally - where exactly is Mimas in relation to this shadow? Perhaps, Carolyn, your team could post an identical image with an arrow or cross marking the moon's position?

Tiny Moon, Looming Shadows
Iapetus Monolith      
06-22-2009  12:55:15

Wouldn't it be wonderful to create a CGI movie of these perturbation waves as seen from Daphnis' vantage point? And maybe future tourists to the Saturnian system will go ring-surfing for kicks!

In Saturn's Shadow - the Pale Blue Dot
Iapetus Monolith      
03-06-2007  17:48:12

In my humble opinion, this is the most spectacular image ever returned by any spacecraft, manned or otherwise. I must be dreaming! To Carolyn and all others working on the Cassini mission: you have boldly gazed where no one has gazed before. Humanity will be eternally indebted to you.

The Great Crossing
Iapetus Monolith      
03-06-2007  17:36:32

Stupendous! (Do Alliance Members who can identify all the moons get bonus points?)

Symmetry in Shadow
Iapetus Monolith      
03-06-2007  17:28:13

How fortunate we are to be intelligent, sentient beings living in an era of robotic space exploration capable of delivering such stirring images! One can only wonder how many of the sentient beings produced by this universe have already been or will ever be so privileged. And will future generations of earthlings go on to find such views commonplace, or is this a unique opportunity, never to be repeated in the future history of humanity?

Blinding Saturn
Iapetus Monolith      
03-06-2007  17:12:32

I first saw Saturn's disc and rings way back in 1973, as a 15-year-old English schoolboy peering excitedly through a 6" reflecting telescope. I never thought I would live to see such an astonishing image of this most majestic of the outer planets, from such a unique vantage point. Thanks, Cassini imaging team: this is the ultimate trip!

Giant Lake on Titan
Iapetus Monolith      
02-28-2007  17:01:17

Has Titan suddenly become translucent? It's as if the stars are shining THROUGH Titan (or is there some mundane explanation for those white dots?)