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Sector 6

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Saturn-rings 'Rev 277' Raw Preview #1
06-06-2017  03:10:08

What a symphony of ringlets! Which part of the ring system are we looking at here?

Saturn's Watch Spiral
05-05-2008  13:42:09

Lovely visualization of the "music of the spheres." I look forward to seeing the published paper.
05-05-2008  09:26:47

Which resonances are behind the waves in this image?

Saturn Rings Processed #7
02-22-2008  02:17:03

I'm curious - what is the obliquity of the rings in this image? Would it be correct to say that all of the prominent bands visible in the A ring are spiral density waves induced by Pan?

Thanks, Alan

Spoke Set
11-24-2007  15:31:25

I'm interested in knowing the sun-ring-camera viewing geometry here...