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A Day to Celebrate the Pale Blue Dot
06-23-2013  05:36:52

*polishes glasses* WHOOPS! I'll be a good boy and drink a nice beer in honor of Cassini and the imaging team while the images are being taken.
06-20-2013  13:22:23

Downloading shouldn't be too long. I guess today or maybe tomorrow. For the individual frames you can check the raw images website:

On processing no idea really. Could be quite some time. They need to have the time to
do it right, write a press release, okay it and put it out there. I expect amateurs to beat them to it as those only need to produce something that's aesthetically pleasing and don't have to care about being scientificly accurate. For those I would watch the Planetary Society's website:
06-20-2013  10:41:48

ARGH. Just realized my brain is out off sync by a day and I missed her :/
06-20-2013  10:37:45

Given the time delay of light what time should I wave at her ?

Enceladus Rev 121 Flyby Raw Preview
11-21-2009  13:55:48

I think it would be awesome to have a flagship mission to Enceladus, but first I want the extended-extended mission te be approved by NASA HQ :)
11-21-2009  12:04:14

Awesome flyby. Picture #5 looks just amazing to me.

Tip for those that want to get rid of the missing lines: You can load it up in Photoshop and use the "De-Interlace" filter. Makes for much nicer viewing :)

By the way, is there anyone on the team I can bribe to speed up the release of the big mosaic mentioned in the mission description PDF file ?

Enceladus Rev 80 Flyby Skeet Shoot #1
08-13-2008  12:35:18

Got home from work and first thing I did was to point my webbrowser at Awesome just plain awesome. Looking forward to the other flybys as well.

Enceladus Rev 80 Flyby
08-12-2008  10:50:59

Is there confirmation ISS data is being recieved ?
08-12-2008  10:29:25

DSN Goldstone 70 meter dish should start to listen to Cassini right about now..
08-11-2008  12:18:42

Now less the three hours to go :)
08-07-2008  13:13:47

Sounds like an awesome flyby. I'll guess I'll be running home from work on Tuesday to take a peek at the rawimages site. On the downside: I always have a bad night of sleep the night before exciting things happen in space ;)

Close Brush with Enceladus
03-06-2008  09:36:09

"Are you sure Cassini will not be hit by particles enough largue to damage her?."

I was wondering the same thing and already had a question about it in mind. Here it goes: Will the HGA be used as a shield during closest approach, just like was done with the ring plane crossing during SOI ?

Coming to Light
02-27-2008  13:24:42

"And regarding the plutonium/hydrogen issue, I fail to see the connection. Why would a radioactive source pose any danger for a hydrogen atmosphere?"

It's the same nonsense we heard when Galileo was flown into Jupiter. People somehow assume that the Pu238 in the RTGs will become a fission bomb and will reach high enough temperature to achieve hydrogen fusion. That the Pu is the wrong isotope to make a bomb is the first thing they fail to understand. Their line of reasoning only goes downhill from there if you ask me.

Enceladus Plume Movie
12-11-2007  03:59:15

I just love geological active moons spewing stuff into space. After Io and Triton we now have Enceladus. Poor Uranus :'(

Flight to Hyperion
12-11-2007  03:58:28

Reminds me of the Ranger missions to the moon. Good thing Cassini didn't crash...

The Dragon Storm
12-11-2007  03:56:48

Deep down Saturn is just Jupiter's little sister.

Mimas Blues
12-11-2007  03:55:51

A strange work of art. Salvador Dali would have been jealous.

Flight over Iapetus
11-30-2007  10:01:26

It's like being there in your own little spaceship, listening to Pink Floyd's "Echoes", while you're looking for the monolith.

On the Final Frontier
11-20-2007  13:19:33

If Saturn is "the lord of the rings", then I guess Carolyn is "the lady of the rings". I say this because I downloaded a 1990 BBC documentary about the Voyager Neptune flyby today. In the beginning they showed a room full of scientists watching the images come in, and I thought "Hey, that looks like Carolyn!" :) Later on she talked quite a bit about the Neptune ring arcs. I guess Carolyn really loves planetary rings systems.

The Neptune documentary was part of a two part series about the Voyager probes. One highlight in the first episode was a 1979 videoclip with Edward Stone walking around a full scale mockup, and talking about what all the instruments did. Awesome stuff from a time before science documentaries were afraid to go into details too much.

The Other Side of Iapetus
10-10-2007  12:04:28

Yet another work of art by the CICLOPS team :) I bet that even the best painter ever, couldn't have come up with an image like this.

Iapetus Rev 49 Flyby
09-07-2007  10:50:32

Just found another awesome and detailed source of information:

Fellow space geeks enjoy :)
09-07-2007  09:54:08

Looks like an action packed flyby :) Next week is going to be very exciting with all the data being returned. Just one question on an instrument being "prime":

I assume this means that the team operating the instrument that is prime, is in control of spacecraft pointing ?

Rev 49
08-15-2007  12:15:14

Really looking forward to the Iapetus encounter. Maybe we'll discover something so exciting, we'll have another targeted encounter during the extended-extended-mission :)

Sixty for Saturn
07-19-2007  12:51:55

I bet Carolyn won't be happy until there are 64 of them.

Odd World
07-07-2007  09:44:50

The worst thing about the names making my head spin is that it is does so in a retrograde direction..
07-07-2007  03:03:28

WHOOPS :) All those names make my head spin :p
07-05-2007  10:11:50

That picture isn't really that detailed. Check out this mosaic taken at a distance between 15974 km and 12422 km:

Or this one with a resolution between 13 and 27 m/pixel:

Tethys Flyby Raw Preview #4
07-01-2007  11:04:40

Using panorama software I created two mosaics from the raw data:

Using panorama software makes for pretty easy mosaics, but the result isn't perfect though. The missing piece in the large one should be rectangular for example. To fix that I'm redoing it by hand in Photoshop. Pretty hard to do and it takes many hours, so fo the time being I like the panorama software result fine ;)

Rev 47
06-21-2007  11:34:34


Sorry for the confusion :o Just read "size" as "number of frames" please.

If the NAC images are reprojected on a sphere is this done on a frame-by-frame base before stitching, or is it done after you assemble the mosaic ? I'm asking because I run into big problems when I try to stitch mosaics where the distance at which the frames are taken changes a lot. I'm pretty much still looking for a good way to handle the scale difference between frames.
06-19-2007  12:13:01

Stitching software standing by for the Tethys fly-by :) What size mosaic can we expect for the NAC ?

Rev 45
05-18-2007  11:45:57

Great preview :) Looking forward to previews of all other Revs as well.

Blue Expanse
05-17-2007  13:34:08

Cassini did it again. Just plain awesome.

Pitted Hyperion
05-15-2007  13:47:13

Looks like a potato. Can I make Belgian fries out of that ?

Clouds like Sandstone
05-08-2007  12:46:32

Saturn posing as Jupiter. Isn't that illegal or something ;)

Writhing Windforms
05-08-2007  12:45:48

Very impressive! I want a cloud movie version of this :)

Unfocused F Ring
04-09-2007  10:29:04

Yeah it's pretty cool to see the changes in the F-ring. One time I did a simple animation with F-ring pictures all taken during a single fly-by. Makes them really come alive :)

Pastel Planet
03-07-2007  12:54:02

All these great images really are a source of inspiration. I think I'll go to bed early tonight, and spend some time flying around Saturn before finally going to sleep.

Ring World
03-07-2007  12:51:28

Wow! Saturn has just been sucked into a black hole :p

The Greatest Jupiter Portrait
03-03-2007  09:57:02

This is my favorite Jupiter picture.

Giant Lake on Titan
03-01-2007  13:23:27


Yep, that's what I was thinking of. Seeing the the lake slowly shrinking, clouds forming, clouds getting transported and perhaps even see a new lake being filled somewhere on the southern hemisphere. I'm afraid we'll need the extended-extended mission for that though :/

I just love active worlds like Titan, Io and Europa :)
02-27-2007  14:12:59

It will be interesting to see what will happen to the lake now that northern summer is comming on Titan.

Symmetry in Shadow
03-01-2007  13:17:36

Another work of art by the ISS team :)

The Inner Rings
02-20-2007  13:14:26

Who said a planet can't look like a record ?

Agitators of the Atmosphere
02-14-2007  13:56:03

IR band images cleary show that Saturn's atmosphere can be just as active as Jupiter's. Tracking this over time must make for some cool storm movies :)