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The Day the Earth Smiled
06-26-2014  09:52:40

I have been wondering if the sky for Titanians living on the Saturnward hemisphere ever gets dark enough to see the stars. Obviously with its current atmosphere this is unlikely but even with an atmosphere with an earthlike transparency the "full" Saturn which would dominate the night sky would be much brighter than the full moon seen from earth. Posibly during those rare times when the sun is eclipsed by Saturn the sky would be dark enough although even then twilight leaking around Saturn's atmosphere or light scattered from the rings might be enough to interfere with stargazing.
Common Questions
04-05-2012  09:11:14

Whenever Cassini flies by Titan (or any of the other bodies orbiting Saturn) it exchanges momentum with the body therby altering the course of both. I know the change for Titan is miniscule but what is the actual value? Cm? microns? I suppose it would be more for the smaller bodies. Since the flybys of Titan are distributed around its globe they probably would tend to cancel each other out leaving little net affect. For Enceledus many of the flybys have been over the south pole so they would add to each other. It would be interesting to calculate the total effect the whole Cassini mission will have on the Saturnian system as of Sept. '17 in terms of how far the various bodies will be from where they would have been had Cassini never been there.
A Story of Saturn's Rings
05-19-2011  09:43:40

When Cassini arived at Saturn it followed tour #18-? implying that there were 17 other routes contimplated. Is there anwhere I could obtain discriptions/timetables of these tours ie. the road not taken?