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Saturn in Recline
10-29-2008  18:18:40

I really like this image of Saturn and its edge on rings. I am also really looking fordward to the next flyby of Enceladus, Saturn moon on Oct 31st 2008.
I want to see the [trenches or tiger stripes] again to see if any thing has changed since the last flyby. Go Cassini. I will expect another great success.
Carolyn Porco will be as excited as i am to see the first images on Oct 31st, coming back to Earth.

Enceladus Rev 80 Flyby
08-07-2008  12:59:50

I am looking fordward to this flyby of Enceladus, for a while now and i wish that it will all go very well. My hope is that we will get to see close to what its like down on the surface. These are going to be incredible times in man's history of exploration, of Saturn moon's. I personally believe that Enceladus has an ocean underneath its ice surface, and i believe that hydrothermal vents, like we have here on our home planet Earth's oceans floor, are down on the bootom of Enceladus's ocean floor. but that my theory anyway, maybe in time we will really get to know, the results from these imaging of Enceladus tiger stripe features.
Go Cassini Go
From Vista

High-phase Rings
04-29-2008  17:32:53

a powerful electrical storm rages on Saturn with lightning bolts 10,000 times more powerful than those found on Earth, the Cassini spacecraft continues its five-month watch over the dramatic events.

Scientists with NASA's Cassini-Huygens mission have been tracking the visibly bright, lightning-generating storm--the longest continually observed electrical storm ever monitored by Cassini.

Saturn's electrical storms resemble terrestrial thunderstorms, but on a much larger scale. Storms on Saturn have diameters of several thousand kilometers (thousands of miles), and radio signals produced by their lightning are thousands of times more powerful than those produced by terrestrial thunderstorms.
The latest release (images) show an electrical storm 10,000 brighter than electrical storms on Earth.
I would like to know how these storms are generated, i wounder do the Cassini scientist, have an understanding about these electrical storms work on Saturn.

Close Brush with Enceladus
03-06-2008  15:46:20

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has found evidence of material orbiting Rhea, Saturn's second largest moon. This is the first time rings may have been found around a moon.On March 12, NASA's Cassini spacecraft will make its closest flyby yet to Saturn's moon Enceladus. Cassini's goal: To scoop up samples of water-ice particles and gas spewing from Old-Faithful-like geysers.
I am very excited at the news of Rhea, and of the up coming flyby of Enceladus. If i may politely inquire two questions how good of images will we hope to receive? I am interested to know if its possible,to find an explanation for these rings that they are remnants from an asteroid or comet collision in Rhea's distant past. Such a collision may have pitched large quantities of gas and solid particles around Rhea


Scratches on Dione
12-01-2007  04:13:00

I wish to know how big are the canyon's on Dione, how deep are the likely to be or how long are they?. The appear in this image to stretch, for may hundred of


A Fresh Face
12-01-2007  04:05:56

I agree these are great images i particulary like the images of Enceladus.


At A Tilt
05-14-2007  14:10:14

This is truly a great image one can image travelling sometime in the future, and approaching the planet saturn, with views like this, it will amazing to travel out to our neighbouring planets


Pastel Planet
03-07-2007  16:08:48

Cassini looking upwards at, and through, the sunlit side of the rings of the planet Saturn with a dazzling diversity of colors and hues, make you wounder what it might be like to be inside a space ship as you might approach the planet Saturn to visualise this image out side the window of your space ship. What a day that will be when we humans eventually get to travel to Saturn.

Symmetry in Shadow
03-07-2007  15:58:36

This is a stunning image of Saturn with one of its moon's Dione.
Saturn's many storms can be seen in the norther part of the planet, and the
Magnificent blue and gold colours are very strange as the make the planet look like a painting.

A great image one of Cassini top images that it has sent back to Earth so far into its Mission.

Jupiter Mosaics and Movies - Rings, Satellites, Atmosphere
02-19-2007  14:48:51

I agree with Carolyn, not likely that there would be moons inside Jupiters Clouds, But moons have been found inside the Rings of Saturn.

Speaking of moons i have not seen much more about Saturn moon Pheope the first moon of Saturn that Cassini imaged after arriving at Saturn.
I thing those first images of Pheope are amazing Cassini really Buzzed Pheope.


Brilliant Ice Dust
02-12-2007  04:29:00

Re. Brillian Ice Dust:

I agree this is a wounderfull image, I am very excited with Enceladus, and think that like Jupiter moon Europa there should in the future be a mission of exploration to Enceladus.

vista. (12/2/07 11.26 a.m)