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Gene Roddenberry Meets George Lucas
10-23-2010  12:40:52

You donīt rid a universe of evil.
Evil is natural to anything that wants to thrieve.
Have we discovered evidence for life on Titan?
10-23-2010  12:37:27

If a submarine went below the surface of one of Titanīs lakes and explored itīs bottom itīd indeed revolutionize our current understanding of Titan.
The submarine would simply map the entire bottom of the lake and then transmit all the information onto a sattellite which transmits the information to the unmanned mothership which in turn transmits it to Earth.
I think one possible scenario for sending an unmanned vehicle to Titan which can carry multiple sattellites would involve the use of an unmanned mothership which could be controlled by a tiny brain which has been grown in a laboratory and trained to steer aircraft and space vehicles which would otherwise be difficult for human beings to maintrain control over.
10-18-2010  05:27:57

I believe that it simply is a symptom of delusions of grandeur to consider that there is some kind of planetary body somewhere which does not have biological compounds in some form. Yet I am very well aware that this article is not saying that there is no life on Titan. What is being asked , is if there is. I have my own belief , and it may seem extreme to most of you so I keep it to myself and do not ask others to aggree. I believe that there is not only life on Titan , but people. I also believe the same about Mars , the Moon and so on. Since people can visit each other on this planet , it is only reasonable and perfectly logical to assume that advanced civilizations on Earth visited other planets in this solar system and perhaps behound in mankindīs remote past , and that the same may be happening on Earth today. I donīt consider life to be original to Earth , because I believe that the Earth does not have the ability to generate multicellular organisms solely on itīs own terms - they all arrived here one way or another. With single - cellular organisms there may be another matter. There are , in my honest to goodness opinion , matter of factly , no such planetary bodies as those which may not have life in some form on their surfaces.
It is my belief on the extent of physical evidence that life exists abundantly not only in this solar system but beyound , that the evidence itself is cyclopean in scope and magnitude. In other words , itīs infinite. So has the Law determined , that no planetary body is to be permitted to be born , which can not produce life , consciousness or some kind of biological compounds , etc. in some form. This is simply because truth is truth.
That is the Law.

Exploring the Wetlands of Titan
10-17-2010  15:35:56

I am not sure if the Huygiens probe has disappeared or vanished. I watch frequently news about Titan.
I believe that it may change entirely the history of future Titan explorations if we find out by sending a relatively medium - sized or small submarine into one of Titanīs oceans.
By the start of this year I began to visualize the possibility that a mission could be sent to Titan which could involve several sattellites , including one which can carry a submarine.
Golf Sector 6
10-17-2010  15:25:44

Carol - could it be feaseable to send a mission to Titan carrying four sattellites at once which would be carried by an unmanned vehicle?